[Archive] 2250 Lamassu tournament list



chaos dwarf hero

+great weapon / gauntlets of bazhrok the cruel / armour of gazhrak

(str7 - ld10 - 1+As)

lvl4 mage on lamassu

+mace of death (could win me a combat vs a nice unit)

– also his flying/terror in conjunction with lore of death or shadows might be nice otherwise try and get flaming sword:p

--it’s a character i really wanted in my army despite the “overcostivnes”

lvl2 sorcerer +scroll and stone

lvl2 sorcerer +scroll and stone

18 blunderbusses

18 blunderbusses

20 warriors +great weapons, stb, champ

20 warriors +slave banner, stb, champ

10 hobgoblins

10 hobgoblins

10 hobgoblins

10 hobgoblins

4 bolt throwers

1 death rocket

5 bull centaurs+heavy armour

1 earthshaker

is there anything you would change to this list to make it more effective?

comments will be greatly appreciated. (btw i got 4 points left over)


Nice list.

I would drop the great weapons on the warriors, I honestly find I never use them. A block of 20 is a front line combat resolution unit best used with a 3+ save from HW + shields, if you really want great weapon guys then I would consider some smaller flanking units of 10-12.

Do you find the units of 10 Hobgobs effective? They are so cheap, I usually use them in 20s. That way they can still add a decent rank bonus and with Ld10 they will rarely run. Does the tournament use the GW tournie scenarios? If so, I would add banners. If not, then no banners.

Maybe try to squeeze in some wolf riders? The only fast thing you have is the Lammassu and centaurs and neither of them can afford to rush war machines. The Earth shaker won’t always silence those pesky cannons :slight_smile:

I was never that impressed by Death Rockets, but 6 Bolt Throwers could be considered excessive. By some. Not by me :).

A Battle Standard is always nice, if you can fit one in somehow. Depends if you feel you really want that much magic.

I saw a similar list at the GT 2 years ago, he had lv4 on Lammassu, 2 lvl2s, 3x20 hobgobs, 2x20 BBs, 1x20 warriors, 8 Bolt Throwers and 2 Earth shakers at 2000pts. Suffice it to say, I’m glad I didn’t play him.


Are you going to play ETC rules?

If not I suggest you to drop the rocket for 6 bolt throwers. Nobody could complain, you already nerfed your list with the lammasu :wink:

I’d drop the unit with 20 GW, upgrade BBs to 20 each or 19 if you use them for your lesser magicians.

Yo uhave more than enough spare points for 4X20 naked hobgoblins ready to die for you and maybe some wolfriders…

Are you going to use the gauntlet on your hero? He’ll kill your beloved dwarfs! :o


@ Baggronor: i kinda like units of 10hobgolins , they are really nice to redirect the opponent (and since they have move 4 they will easily walk in front of the CD’s) - and combined with the banner of slavery i hope they will be reliable as well

kinda like i use skavenslaves/goblin archers, but over 20 points cheaper :smiley:

-if people complain about poisond wind globadier spamming, then i don’t know what they’ll say about this :p-

as to combined charging for ranks:s they tend do give the opponent vp due to T3 and no AS

the great weapons are for when nasty things with T6/5/4 with unbreakable,stubborn, or high armour saves come through

they can still fight with HW and shield - and its not like they really cost a lot to upgrade to GW

(2 units of 10 might indeed be a better option, but i think i will need the static cr)


the gauntlet character will be tossed at warmachines/chariots with lore of shadows if needed with T5 and 1+ AS he should hold out on his own(i hope)

Also i will feel guilty for using 6 bolt throwers- even though they only have bs3 and 2crew,

-i would even use 8 if i didn’t care wether or not my opponent has a good time playing me - but dispite being evil and calling my opponent names, doing mental warfare, intimidate him, laugh at him while i hack his army and scoff at my casualties, and curse the verry ground he’s standing on… I really draw the line there.

:sick and yes my consience sickens me, and thereby soils my sacred beard

also i did think of those wolf riding hobbies, but i think they’re crap of the worst kind, I could be wrong though- if there was an option to give them spears, i’d take them but now they will die faster than they can say charge.


thinking of dropping a bolt thrower, scroll, powerstone and the great weapons,

freeing up 120 points for another death rocket and 2 more units of hobgoblins,

mostly because i have 2 death rocket models, and i still need to start on my bolt throwers.

and becouse i think it might be fun shooting around with 3 stone thrower like machines (so far i only used a doomdiversin my o&g)

and the extra slaves wil always come in handy, wether as a 3x3 diverter or a 10x1 screen


I won’t drop bolt throwers, bolt throwers are way better then deathrockets, you can kill things with a high T with the bolt throwers and bolt throwers are more consitent, with the death rocket you can blow up your own units and stuff.