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I’m hopping that the pros here can give me some advice on the chaos dwarf list I’ve been working on. I have 90% of the minis for the list, but I’m not afraid to make changes.


Chaos Dwarf Lord - 443

Great Taurus, Shield, Black Hammer of Hashut, Armor of the Furnace


Sorcerer - 115

Dispel scroll, Dispel scroll

Chaos Dwarf Hero - 115

BSB, Armor of Gazrakh


24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors - 246

Full Command

24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors - 246

Full Command

15 Blunderbusses - 180

15 Blunderbusses - 180

20 Hobgoblins - 40

20 Hobgoblins - 40

20 Hobgoblins - 40

10 Hobgoblins - 50


10 hobgoblins - 50


10 Wolf Riders - 140



Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower - 30

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower - 30

Death Rocket - 80


Earth Shaker Cannon - 110

5 Bull Centaurs - 105




197 models

3 Power Dice

3 Dispel Dice+2 scrolls

13 drops

I’m unsure about the 3 units of 20 hobo; would they be better off as 2 units of 30?

wolf riders with bows? Those are the minis I have, so I’m going with it. I am just curious as if anyone else has tried it, and how they fared for them.

Also, the death rocket VS. 2 more bolt throwers, and another bull centaur. With all the skaven running around now, the blast template is looking good from the death rocket.

I’ve thought of dropping the BC all together and adding another earthshaker, but I think that might take away too much combat punch from the list.

Thanks for any advice.

Time of Madness:

Hey there, nice start you have here.

With 2250pts you might want to look at adding an additional chaos dwarf hero to act as your general. Especially if you plan on taking Hobgoblins, his LD10 is very helpful.

Here’s my personal favourite character set up.


Chaos Dwarf Lord

- Taurus

- Armour of Furnace

- Black Hammer of Hashut

- Shield

= 443pts

Chaos Dwarf Hero (General)

- Heavy Armour/Enchanted Shield

- Black Gem

= 109pts

Chaos Dwarf Hero (Bsb)

- Sword of Might

- Armour of Gazrakh

= 135pts

Chaos Dwarf Sorceror

- 2 Dispel Scrolls

= 115pts

This gives you a really nice core for characters. You have a fighty/hitty lord on taurus. The bsb/general placed in one unit of warriors will really anchor your lines. And the sorcerer is there for some magic protection.

As far as the hobgoblins go you would be better off with 2 units of 30 with full command. Or alternatively take 3 units of 10. The 3 units of 10 act as throw aways and will help re-directing. Plus you can always use them to bait/flee/screen.

If you follow some of my posts in the army list section you’ll realize I’m not a big supporter of the wolf riders. At 140pts they hit like a wet paper bag. I think you’d be better off dropping them and changing up the characters. If you want to keep the wolf riders then drop of on your warrior units to save some points.

Give your warrior unit a warbanner. This gives you some great combat res when you add the bsb.

Hope this helps.

Time of Madness