[Archive] 2250pts of Dawi Zharr


Characters: 758pts

Chaos Dwarf Lord[Armour of Furnace, HoHashut, Shield]: 443pts

Mount : Great Taurus

Chaos Dwarf Hero[BSB - Armour of Gazrakh - Sword of Might]: 135pts

Sorcerer[scroll]: 90pts

Sorcerer[scroll]: 90pts

CORE : 1096pts

24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors[Full Command] : 246pts

25 Chaos Dwarf Warriors[Full Command] : 255pts

18 Blunderbuss Chaos Warriors[Standard]: 226pts

10 Hobogoblins[Bows] : 50pts

10 Hobogoblin wolf riders[Bows, musician, Light armour, shield] : 160pts

10 Hobogoblin wolf riders[Bows, musician, Light armour, shield] : 160pts

SPECIAL : 60pts

2 Hobogoblin bolt throwers: 60pts

RARE : 335pts

1 Earthshaker Cannon : 110pts

10 Bull Centaurs[Standard, Heavy armour]: 225pts

TOTAL : 2250pts

PD: 4

DD: 4 + 2 scrolls

Some basic tactics, or lore like strategy and deployment really.

Earthshaker will be supported by the hobo archer unit.

The core dwarfs will form a wall, either moving wall or stationary depending on my opponent. Keeping the BSB in the middle unit or even behind the units, not of too much deadly shooting but with my dwarfs having a dwarf running around behind can help dealing with weak units. A 1+ save and S5 attacks along with +1 CR from his banner will send most unit away the back of the army. Done this successfully with normal dwarfs.

Wolfriders will annoy as much as they can and sacrificed as the slaves they are if need be. Also will shield the bulls if my opponent bring a strong shooting phase. Wish I could have fielded these in smaller units but meh… cant have it all.

The BTs and ES. Well, they shoot stuff. Nothing special here.

Lord on GT along with the Bulls are the hammers. Fast and maneuverble. A very good choice overall IMO. Caddies are caddies, nothing special there.

So there it is, first list. Thought I´d explain why I picked what so you can see my thoughts on the choices I´ve made. So comments and advice from

my longbearded brothers and sister would be most welcomed.




Should I assume my plan/list is a good one? My first CD list after all.



id drop the wolfboy bows… and get a second set of BTs…
not sure about your caddies… is the extra dispel dice worth the 65 points in your environs?
if so i might turn those bows into extra scrolls…

also might turn that Hero into the general… leadership > rerolled break tests… also saves points…


Ended up with a single caddy and the rest stayed the same.
1 one the wolf boys got dropped in favour of 15 blunders and 10 bow hobos.

My first game was a very fast and shooty Wood Elf army. Not especially cheesey IMO but like all WE lists pretty damn annoying. Anyways…
I lost. Badly. Mainly cause ;
1. I´m not used to animosity, should have planned for this better.
2. My lord on GT fluffed most attacks and lost and was run down… he only manage to kill a single wild rider. So that was 442points down the drain!
3. A major brainfart from my side which resulted in a failed charge.

I will try a different approach with a similiar list but probably with more orcs for some extra hand to hand power.
Likely to have a game this weekend too, however with magic heavy list this time… but hopefully I will be able to get 2 battles.
Regardless how it went I like the nature of the Chaos dwarfs. Dwarfs and greenskins are funny together :slight_smile:



yeah… its a real misconception that a Taurus Lord can hold his own in combat…

treat him like a giant terror causing gyrocopter… that can break the occasional rank…

don’t try to take down units with it… and steer clear of CC characters…

S. lord is a more reliable choice… keep your Ld 10 near your troops… and T5 level 4 is nice…