[Archive] 2250pts tournament list, comments welcome

puppet gathering:

so this list is the list i use at my local club it goes like this: ( it is also posted on my hand of hashut profile to)


Chaos dwarf lord: Great Taurus, Armour of Gazrak, Great Weapon (386)



Dwarf sorcerer: Level 2, Dispell scroll (125)

Dwarf sorcerer: Level 2, Dispell scroll, Power stone (150)

Dwarf sorcerer: Level 2, Dispell scroll, Power stone (150)



15 Chaos dwarfs: Blunderbuss (180)

15 Chaos dwarfs: Blunderbuss (180)

20 Chaos dwarfs: (180)

20 Chaos dwarfs: Great Weapon (220)

42 Hobgoblins: Bows (210)



2 Bolt throwers: (60)

2 Bolt throwers: (60)

2 Bolt throwers: (60)

2 Bolt throwers: (60)



Earthshaker: (110)

Earthshaker: (110)


TOTAL: 2241


this is an amazing list it would be tough to get throught thise bolt throwers and earthshakers you should make a 1000pts list to

puppet gathering:

i guess i could do that ill put one together soon


Very shooty

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Whats that smell?:smiley:

Your tournement rules must be LAX! Do you come up against alot of stanks ,altars and warpfire?


Kind of brutal dont you think?

I mean, if your club likes to take a lot of powerful stuff then I say charge forward, but there probably is no need to take 8 BTs and 2 ESs. A unit of Black Orcs/Sneaky Gits and a unit of Bull centaurs can go a long way.

The few times I took more then one shaker, Karma came up and slapped me in the face by making them both misfire, or one of the misfire every single turn.


Mighty Christ :o 8 bolt throwers lol

Thats a pretty hard army. Maybe split the hobbos into smaller units, to allow for more flexible fodder? I would try and get the Black Hammer on the general too, as he is only Str5 with a great weapon under the current rules, as he is mounted. I’d happily play against it, as I like a challenge, but I imagine many wouldn’t :slight_smile:


I was tinkering on a similar idea the main changes are dropping the hobbos with bows and 4 bolt throwers to add 2 death rocket

add a staff of sorcery to one of the sorceror and add the black hammer to ur lord other than that looks intimidating


mmmmm, cheddar, that is one of the most cheesy CD armies I have ever seen, heck, it one of the most cheesy amies I’ve ever seen for any army (including deamons…)

all I can say is the blak gem could be usful on your lord to help keep him safe.


Keep that cheddar block rollin.:slight_smile:


Cheese is usually the cry of the untalented or uncompetitive. This is a tournament list, and frankly unless your composition points are insane or there are additional restrictions being made aside from those in the rules, this list is about right.

That said, there IS such a thing as too much, so here are my suggestions:

1) 8 Bolt Throwers is intense, but will be pretty bad against armies with large numbers of skirmishers or units in single ranks (like wood elves on both counts, very sad face)

2) That unit of Hobgoblins is probably better served being multiple smaller units. I understand the appeal of needing to kill a million to force panic, but they make plan B more reasonable when there are multiple units of them to flee with. In addition picking different targets on different parts of the board should serve you better than avoiding one unit of hobgoblins fleeing off the board.

3) Great weapon on the dwarf lord is kind of underwhelming. I don’t know what role you plan to play with the taurus lord (I’m actually surprised you didn’t just take a lord choice wizard instead) but it seems like this could be something better.

I do personally prefer a more rounded approach, because I don’t like having an Achilles Heel and I like getting good composition scores. However, you can make up for bad comp with good battle points, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with your score whether you follow my suggestions or not. Good luck!

Da Crusha:

I went to this years quake city rumble and I saw that there was a guy that got the highest battle score, I think it was 6 points higher than the next guy, but unfortunately because his comp was so low the second highest guy took best general award.

on the other hand I would really like to know how this army does at a tournament. I ran 2 earth shakers and 4 BT at QCR and the enemy got to me in every game. I did have one game though where my BT killed a chaos dragon so that was cool. :smiley: