[Archive] [23 - 11 - 2016] Silent Joe's attempt at painting a whole army

Silent joe:

Hello everyone! My name is Joe, and I have a serious big hat chaos dwarf addiction.

This is hopefully going to be updated while I paint my ever growing chaos dwarf army while I build it up to play age of sigmar - eventually I want a variety of 2000 points lists!

Currently the army consists of;

(updated as of 23/11/16)

40 blunderbusses

29 plastic axemen


2 daemonsmiths

2 heros

2 magma cannons

2 death shreikers

2 ass cannons

30 black orcs circa 1993

Here’s the first 5 dudes!

This is my first blog and I appreciate pictures probably aren’t the best, c&c is most welcome! :hat off

Cheers guys!

EDIT - Pictures resized, hopefully more tollerable.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Hi Joe,

great you started an army blog. I like the colors on your model and also the idea of using old school chaos dwarves for Age of Sigmar.

Good luck for your project!

Remark: On my desktop pc the picture is much too big. Perhaps you could have a look at that. I had good experience with using an external free image hoster like photobucket.

Silent joe:

Yes, I see the problem. I posted from my phone and everything looks fine, but through a computer screen I almost lost my retinas.

Need to have a play with it when I get home.


Good start with a striking colour scheme and neat enough painting. It reminds me a little bit about this army.

It’s best to resize pictures. Usually one doesn’t want them larger than 1500 pixels at most. For the most part something like 800 pixels in all directions work fine.


A very nice start Joe. Simple but effective color scheme and nicely executed. Keep em coming!

I usually resize my photos by adding the reduced pixel size to the


Looks great, like the choice of colors!

Pappa Midnight:

Very nice start on your army. I also like your colour choice and painting style.

Look forward to seeing more as your army grows.



Fuggit Khan:

A great start you have here…very nice! Normally I am not a fan of round bases, but I must admit that your round basing style/ground color/tufts of grass really works beautifully with your armor color schemes. I’ll be keeping an eye on this blog, very much hoping to see more of your great models :hat off


Overall i think they are some good models, simple and effective.

The only tip i have in mind is to be careful and paint the belt around the champion and musician, plus a bit of highlight on the base will bring more contrast to match the model color scheme.

Good job!

Silent joe:

Thanks for all the great feedback!

Played my first game with them last night - only 1000 points against my friends flesh eater court - the army was predictably slow and although I tabled him, I lost on objective points.

I’m looking at putting some chaos marauders in my army (in the form of the old plastic black orcs) so that I can expand my roster to chaos as a whole and not just the Legion of Azgor. I plan on adding a hell cannon and some tzeentch daemon characters to give the army some more offensive magic - something that the vanilla army sorely lacks!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to get some painting done next week, Joe, signing out!


Looks great! :hat off

I drink a beer and will see what comes next! :cheers



Original and interesting color scheme. It’s great there is still love around for the good old Big Hats. :hat

For an old grumpy dwarf like me it’s always shocking to see round bases. I have to admit they are perfect for our fatty big hats miniatures, they perfectly fit.

I drink a beer and will see what comes next! :cheers


Me too. Cheers! :cheers

Silent joe:

Small update, painted a whole man last night! :slight_smile:

This is the test blunderbuss, he’s still lacking a base.

:hat off


Nice. Bone lamellar armour


Nice work looking good so far!

Silent joe:

Whao!! look, a whole 5 blunderbusses done! 35 left to go :mask

Im really enjoying painting these it just takes me so damn long to highlight all of those scales.

Fuggit Khan:

Very nice results…you seem to paint as slow as me, but you have better results I think. And I don’t think I have ever seen all red blunderbuss guns before, very different than the standard gun-metal colors that are more commonly seen.

The drilled out blunder barrels is a great touch, but please bend that banner pole to be straight again (bent poles, the curse of soft metal).

You should be quite proud of your overall results…they really are lovely models :hat off


yep. They look very nice.

And when I figure out what that green stuff on the base is I’ll tell you.

Silent joe:

@fuggit khan

Cheers dude, had an hour long poke through your blog last night and didn’t get anywhere near half way though. Your stuff is really something to aspire to do the praise means a lot. I was worried about there not being enough colour on the model so perhaps I’ll leave the gun barrel red but paint the stock brown?


Those are some pretty flowers :heart:

Who says the chaos dwarves have to be so grimdark all the time :slight_smile:


Still stumped.  Cannot find that word in my CD Dictionary.
What use are they? (Polite responces only please)