[Archive] 2400 list for upcoming tourney


So i have a tourney coming up that I am trying out a new list.  it needs fortitude for blood and glory, also  needs to be somewhat mobile.  no comp just no special characters.

Sorc Lord

talisman of pres

dispel scroll

charmed shield

bale taurus

Death or hashut, leaning towards death

hobo khan on wolf x2


26 blunderbus with gleaming banner

22 hobos with shield,


3 Bull Cenatur with banner and Great Weapons

3 Bull Cenaturs with Banner amd shields

1 magma

iron daemon, hellbound

1 Kdaii Destroyer

very well rounded list, BB will fortify the middle with magma near by,  the iron deamon will align itself with any MC or DP across table, the centaurs will be placed on the outside to either  hold (shields) or Kill (gw). the kdaii and bale will be placed where they can cause the most damage, the hobo block will be near  the BB for a turn or 2 of stead fast, or just a minor speedbump… the khans will be either redirecting for the BB or off causing trouble in the enemy backfield


although I like the concept of a prophet on a great taurus I dont know…too expensive for me… (get death Hashut aint worth it imo).

3 bulls have 6 attacks. that means they wont kill anything worth killing…

same goes for the spear bulls. exactly what are they supposed to hold?


So I changed my list around.

I have 2 iron daemon

Kdaii destroyer

1 magma

2 Khan s

26 blunderbusses

23 hobos with shields

The general is staying the same but I decided to take death.

Ceann Fine:

You need a bsb mate

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I found I don’t need a bsb… with a gleaming banner in the BB. Only thing the bsb would do is make that unit stubborn. Which while great I have found i can use those points in other areas. 18". Leadership bubble helps out. Plus if with the redirectors and the large target saturation if the BB are in combat 2 things will have have happen. They will shoot the group to a manageable size or the game is over and it don’t matter


you lost 7 blunderbuss’s and that unit loses it’s re-roll.

You’d be better off using a unit of 6 bull centaurs.

You are extremely out numbered. and I don’t think you have enough on your side.


BC and BB are in two different slot. BB are my core . Which to be honest I have never even same close to losing once in a game. With target saturation the BB are typically the last of their concerns till it is too late