[Archive] 2400 LoA Take All Comers!


Daemonsmith Level 2
Lore of Death
Enchanted Shield
Power Scroll 160

Daemonsmith Level 2
Lore of Death
Charmed Shield
Dispell Scroll 160

Castellan BSB
Double Hnaded Weapon
Iron Curse Cross
Magic Helm (reroll wounds) 195

Hobgoblin Khan
Magic Weapon
Light Armour 61

Infernal Guard x29
Full Command
Warbanner 415

Hobgoblins x30
Standard Bearer & Musician 147

Hobgoblin Archers x20
Standard Bearer & Musician 112

Death Shrieker Missile Launcher              100

Magma Cannon              145

K’Daai Fireburners x6              330

Iron Daemon
Hellbound 310

Hobgoblin Wofl Riders x5 60

Hell Cannon 205

Total 2400

Commnets? Questions?

I was thinking of changing up my BSB’s build, but other than that I think I like the list.


A nice list for freindly games. With Iron Deamon and without destroyer will make interesting games.

As for the BSB:

I love to have some MR on my BSB. ^^


Time of Madness:

You really need a ward save on the bsb. I like the mask or preservation. He should have a 2+ save followed by a 4+ ward. The mask + shield works well for him.

You need him to stay alive for the stubborn and re-rolls.

Time of MAdness