[Archive] 2400 Point List for Possible use at Blood in the Sun 2012!


Ok Guys and Gals,

I know discussion of a list to take to a tournament in June of 2012 may seem early when its still 2011, but I worry that if I don’t start thinking and practicing now - I wont know the army in and out.

So here is my 1st attempt (and Mind you I don’t think I will win, I just want to be competitive)…


Sorcerer Prophet L4, Bale Taurus, Blood of Hashut, Ench Shield, Dragon Bane Gem, Other Trickster shard - 570 points


BsB Infernal Callestan Shield Warrior Bane Ironcurse Icon - 142 Points


5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders with Musician Only - 65 Points

1 Hellcannon (am in process of converting one per CDO issue 3)- 205 Points


4 Bull Centaurs Full Shield - 205 points

Deathshrieker Rocket Battery - 100 points

Magma Cannon Hellbound - 170 points

Iron Daemon Skullcracker Hellbound - 335 points


40 Infernal Guard H/W + Shield, Standard and Mus only - 512 points

21 Hobgoblins Standard and Mus only - 96 points

%'s Break down with the following:

Lords - 23.75%

Hero’s - 5.92%

Rare - 11.25%

Special - 33.75%

Core - 25.33%

Couple of things to Note:

1. I am toying around with a fluff idea that would not allow me to take lore of Hashut - This being said I am toying with all 3 others and not sure which to take (Death, Metal, and Fire obviously)

2. I am unsure whether or not the Hellcannon is the correct choice. I wonder if I should take the Dreadquake Mortar. The reason I currently have the Hellcannon in the list is because with that, an Iron Daemon, and a Bale Taurus - I was kinda going for a fun “Monster Mash” instead of a heavy War Machine army.

Also this is a taste of what I got going so far.

Some Pre Paint -

S/B about 80% done (have some highlights and a shield to finish but its pretty done) -

And a Magma Cannon (I still have to finish the Crew) -

So now that I have rambled… What do ya think? :slight_smile:


Ok couple of things to note:

1. I never said it earlier, but this tournament is 2400 points :slight_smile:

2. I just found out from a very interesting thread on this forum that iron daemons charge differently than I originally thought. As such I’m taking the ID Skullcracker out of the list and replacing it with a K’daai Destroyer for right now (exchange of 335 for 325 and the rare now moves to 595 out of 600) I will spend the last 10 points on a hobgoblin murder boss for good measure.

3. In a couple of low point test games so far, I have been very disappointed by the Death Shrieker rocket, but feel I should keep another war machine. Is it worth dropping it for a 2nd magma cannon (make the 1st not helbound - and come up with 20 other points)?


I can’t comment on your list, but the conversions look cool.