[Archive] 2400 Points Chaos Dwarfs


Hi, I am new to forum and looking for some help please!

I am entering a 2400 point wfb tournament and would like some feedback please on my list. I am limited to 4 war machines by the tournament comp. I am initially wanting to try an army without a K’daai Destroyer.

Feedback appreciated please. I have only played 3 games with the Chaos Dwarfs so far.

Sorcerer-Prophet, Level 4 Upgrade (Lore of Hashut)
Charmed Shield
Earthing Rod
Talisman of Endurance
Crown of Command

Infernal Castellan
Battle Standard Bearer
The Mask of the Furnace

Daemonsmith Sorcerer (Lore of Fire)
Chalice of Blood and Darkness

Hobgoblin Khan
Light Armour
Tormentor Sword

Hobgoblin Khan

32 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard, HW & Shield + Musician + Standard Bearer + Deathmask

32 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard, HW & Shield + Musician + Standard Bearer + Deathmask

Deathshrieker Death Rocket

Deathshrieker Death Rocket

Chaos Dwarf Magma Cannon

Chaos Dwarf Magma Cannon

Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon

Very defensive list. Probably deploy in a corner around impassable terrain / buildings. The Infernal Guard will act as a guard for the war machines. Both infernal guard units will be stubborn due to my characters. BSB in one unit and the General in the other!


Hello, I love the “no Destroyer”, this list is scary but not unbalanced, I like it (:


I would give the Charmed shield to the babysitter, a 2+ save against a cannonball in the face is quite noceif you have to take care of 4 machines. (Give the Enchanted shield to your lord).

Your Khans dont have Vanguard, so give them shields.

Good luck

richard barby:

i like it i would use it. kind of goes with out saying look after the warmachines and they will look after everything else

good luck


If you play someone who can deal with the war machines, you’re in trouble, and plenty of armies out there can. VCs or Storm Banner Skaven for example will walk over you without breaking a sweat, and you have nothing to counter or pre-empt that.

You’re basically relinquishing any chance of taking the initiative, and pinning all hopes on those war machines winning you the game, which is unwise in my experience.

If you’re set on not taking a Destroyer (and I can’t stress enough how much the list relies on the Destroyer for competitive play) at least try something like a big unit of Fireborn or double IDs to take the fight to the enemy. Combat is where the most VPs are won, not shooting. The best defence is a good offence, and that is true for gunlines too - 2 war machines properly supported will do better than 4 unsupported.


I think you need something to take the fight to the enemy - either a destroyer, fireborn or bull centaurs. It’s too defensive for my liking. I’ve dropped down to two warmachines at this level and find they can do as much damage as three or possibly four, probably because there are other elements that can help win the game.

You’re currently about 200 points over what you need for core. I’d drop a unit of IG and replace them with hobgoblins, either a horde or two smaller units. Drop two of the warmachines (leaving either double magma or one of each) and you can have a decent sized unit of fireborn or bull centaurs. Why don’t you want to take a destroyer? It’s very good but not unbeatable and if you’re going to a tournament, I’d want the best units available. Other people certainly will have.


Thanks for the feedback. I see the point that the army is vulnerable to anything that can take down warmachines i.e. Pit of Shades, Dwellers Below, Purple Sun, Cannons etc.

Consequently, I think my Level 4 wizard might be better using Death magic rather than the Lore of Hashut? I think my armies main weakness is enemy wizards casting the above spells at the army. If I can snipe out enemy wizards with Death Magic … My warmachines might survive better.

I like the double infernal guard units for core because my general and bsb can both add stubborn to the 2 units making them very difficult to wipe out. They are really there to hold points while the rest of the army looks to panic off units with war machine shooting and magic. The more I think about it… the more I think the army would benefit from the General taking Death magic. Doom and Darkness combined with Deathshriekers and the Hellcannon is too tempting I think.