[Archive] 2400 pts double horde Chaos Dwarf army


Would you like to come with tactics advice for this army list? Opinions on what you would change are also welcome.

I know it’s handicapped, but I intend to grind my way through several different army lists at tournaments until I find viable forces.

The Hobgoblin Khans and Raiders are there to irritate and screen, and perhaps even achieve something small once in a while. They’ve proven perfect fire and magic magnets in the past, almost as good as a K’daai Destroyer. Everyone hates enemy fast cavalry and lone characters. They’re up to no good.

The scribbles beside the points cost are for the Swedish composition system.

Chaos Dwarfs 2400 pts.


Azhkulbindrak the Scorched: Lore of Fire Daemonsmith Sorcerer (95), Level 2 Wizard (35), Dispel Scroll (25), Ruby Ring of Ruin (25).

Total: 180 pts. 1 wmp -15

Uruk Buruk Mountainskull of Nir-Kezhar: Infernal Castellan (105), Battle Standard Bearer (25), great weapon (5), Talisman of Preservation (45), Dragonhelm (10), Ironcurse Icon (5).

Total: 195 pts. -22

Djyngus Khan: Hobgoblin Khan (40), light armour (2), Giant Wolf (12).

Total: 54 pts. -4

Gnooblai Khan: Hobgoblin Khan (40), light armour (2), Giant Wolf (12).

Total: 54 pts. -8

Da Sneaky Gitling: Hobgoblin Khan (40), light armour (2), Giant Wolf (12).

Total: 54 pts. -8

Hero Total: 531 pts. -57 1 wmp

Core Units:

The Gaze of Hell: 40 Infernal Guards (480), great weapons (120), full command (32), Banner of Swiftness (15).

Total: 647 pts. -32

Hail Conqueror: 40 Infernal Guards (480), Hailshot Blunderbusses (240), full command (32), Razor Standard (45).

Total: 797 pts. -26

Core Total: 1444 pts. -58

Special Units:

Daemon Breath of Azhkulbindrak: Magma Cannon (145).

Total: 145 pts. 6 wmp -18

Special Total: 145 pts. -18 6 wmp

Rare Units:

Possessed of Power: Hellcannon (210).

Total: 210 pts. 8 wmp -28

Wanted for murder: 5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders (60), bows (10).

Total: 70 pts. -3

Rare Total: 280 pts. -21 8 wmp

Army Total: 2400 pts. 15 wmp=-12 (300-164)/10=13,6

The original plan is to place the BSB in the Blunderbuss unit, which might be able to stand its own in shooting and melee. The hordes will if possible take up position beside each other, perhaps with the Magma Cannon in between. The Hellcannon will guard one flank and provide some long range ordnance.

The Daemonsmith will be scroll caddy and meagre mage in absence of a level 4, whilst the Greenskins will be cannon fodder and if possible redirecters/screeners or flank guards.

Against shooty armies I’ll have to advance into the open and hope for the best, otherwise bunker.

Time of Madness:

The problem you are going to have is keeping enemies off your flanks. As soon as you get one of your big units flanked you will lose it eventually. I realize you can refuse one flank depending on terrain. A single hellcannon protecting the other flank can sometimes be unreliable if not close to the bsb.

I’d drop one of the large units entirely and focus on units that can protect your flanks (such as Centaurs, fireborn or even a destroyer).

Time of Madness


Well first your Hellcannon is under costed. It’s now 210 points, not the 205 listed in Tamurkhan.

Second, I think you could drop 10 blunderbusses, and grab more fast cav, centaurs, or fireborn. With the remaining points, give your BSB the Dragon Helm for the extra armor and 2+ flaming ward. Throw in the dragon bane gem on a khan for some fun.

Otherwise, I think it’s a cool list. Interested to see how it plays.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Dingus Khan is also wrong - costs 56, not 58 points.


All tactics aside:

I think you should win a lot of battles - because the Lord of Dice always looks kindly on players naming units and characters.

Secondly I think you’ll have some really great fun! Two gigantic blocks of infernal guard - nobody shall complain about lack of dwarfs in LoA lists.


Thanks for the input. The Hobgoblin chieftain had not all of his equipment written down, but upon inspection it turned out that a series of mionor adjustments of magic items had made the army points cost wrong. Corrected and updated in first post.

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

You may want to consider a cheap magic weapon on a Khan to deal with ethereals. Shrieking blade is a personal favourite because of fear immunity.


You can onky bring a magic banner for one IG unit.