[Archive] 2400 semi competitive

lady deathstroke:

hi my new list Ive been trying out,seems to be working pretty well just thought I would get every ones thoughts.

prophet lvl4 b.o.h helm of discord,talisman of preservation,channeling staff

bsb castellan great weapon mask of furnace

daemonsmith lvl 2 dispel scroll

hobo khan wolf light armour spear shield potion of foolhardiness 6 renders great weapons musician standard with gleaming pendant

23 infernal guard musician standard with standard of slavery

13 fireglave guard musician standard

40 hobo cutthroats shields musician standard


2 hellcannons

the lvl 4 and bsb are in with the basic guard the lvl 2 is with the fireglaves both casters are using death


Cool list- I tend to favour great weapons on my infernal guard.

I like the hellcannon double.

Have you tried it against the new high elf list? I have a tourney coming up soon and am wondering how our list goes against them.

Got any photos of your army?



lady deathstroke:

no army pics atm nothing is painted yet =p and i havent played against the new high elves yet but i intend to change that next week =)