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Here’s a list I’m thinking of making for a tournament in May.

Let me know what you guys think!

* Lords (375pts)

* Sorcerer-Prophet (375pts)

Earthing Rod, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation

Lore of Death, Level 4

* Heroes (345pts)

* Daemonsmith Sorcerer (155pts)

Dispel Scroll

Lore of Fire, Level 2

* Dark Castellan (190pts)


Armour of Bazherak the Cruel, Great Weapon, Ironcurse Icon

* Core (619pts)

* 25 x Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (407pts)

Musician, Overseer, Banner of Eternal Flame, Great Weapons

* 40 x Hobgoblin Cutthroats (202pts)

Murder Boss, Musician, Standard Bearer, Shields

* Special (530pts)

* 6 x Bull Centaur Renders (285pts)

Musician, Standard Bearer, Additional Hand Weapons

* Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher (100pts)

* Magma Cannon (145pts)

* Rare (530pts)

* Hellcannon (205pts)

* K’daai Destroyer 325

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I believe your list is illegal because it doesn’t have enough core points in Dwarves. Repost once that’s fixed and we’ll try and give you more feedback.

Grimbold Blackhammer


I believe your list is illegal because it doesn't have enough core points in Dwarves.  Repost once that's fixed and we'll try and give you more feedback.

Grimbold Blackhammer

Grimbold Blackhammer
Hobgoblins are now core and count towards the total.
So his list is legal with 619 pts

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Why was I thinking they didn’t count towards core??  Must be stuck in my indy-book days or something.  Sorry for my confusion…!

Overall I like the list.  Six deployments, two fast, scary  moving units, a throw-away unit of hobbos for steadfast, a solid brick of Dwarves, and plenty of fire power.  Assuming you are going to have two characters in the Dwarf unit, I’d drop two dwarves and buy a hobbo on a wolf (or a unit of wolf riders for an extra deployment) as a diverter unit.  Overall I like it and I’m curious to hear how it does on the field!

Grimbold Blackhammer


Cheers for the comments!

I can only lower the unit of Infernals by 1, or my cap is too low, lol.

I could drop 1 (at a push, 2) centaur for the Wolf Riders…

I’ll have a play & let you all know :cheers


    * Dark Castellan (190pts)
        Armour of Bazherak the Cruel, Great Weapon, Ironcurse Icon

First thing I mentioned ;P
The Armor is a waste of Points/Effectivness.
You get a 2+ AS and MR (2) for 50 Points.

Here are alternatives:
Enchanted Shield + Great Obsidian: 2+ AS / MR (3) for the same points.
Enchanted Shield + Obsidian Amulett: 2+ AS / MR (2) for 15 Points less!

Now I know that you got e shield on yout Prophet (who could make good use of a charmed shield against the first miscast aswell BTW)

So: Shield, Dragonhelm, Obsidian Amulett: 2+ AS, 2+WS aF, MR (2) for 8 Points less
Shield, Dragonhelm, Great Obsidian: 2+ AS, 2+WS aF, MR (3) for 7 Points more (this is what I use + SoM sometimes)

You see: The Armour is the worst Option. for MR+ 2+ AS

I'm exited to hear how your BCs with add. HWs fare.


Da Crusha:

I like the list. I might give something like that a try next.

nice tips there deadly deceiver

Time of Madness:

I like the castellan BSB to have a shield with the mask of furnace. Gives him a 2+ save followed by the 4+ ward save.

You don’t really need the extra level on the smith. I prefer to keep mine at level 1 near the war machines. If you have extra dice you can always drop the off fireball with him as well.

Time of Madness