[Archive] 25 Favorite Warhammer Miniatures

Ghrask Dragh:

Due to the 25th Anniversary of Warhammer GW are posting a 25 Favorite Miniatures list on their site.


Good news for all you M.Giant fans, just listed at 20!


glad to see the familiars in there they were fantasic, and of the era when i started collecting. sold all of mine though :frowning:


Wich miniature will you choose ?


Hell yeah Sniktch is in! Love that model (as with my Skaven). I’d love to see some CDs though.

hashuts lil helper:

CD lord is #3


one of my favorites is belakor

he is awesome

and archeon

and mourgor


I believe one of the versions of Bugman is number #2.

My favourite 3 models ever are:

1st:  The dragon slayer with axe above head (the warhammer quest version)

2nd:  Grimgor

3rd:  Tricky one this…  Maybe the newer version of the Bloodthirster?

I only own the first one, which is a shame really. I’ll have to buy the others soon. The bloodthirster will happen to fit nicely into my daemonslayer dwarf army.

Kera foehunter:

Long Drong the slayer pirate is # 1Then Chaos dwarf LAMMASU #2

Ghrask Dragh:

Interesting choice for #19 - Dark Elf Excecutioners.

Nice sculpts but I’m not sure about top #25, I think Crom and Lord of Change are better.


Lord Drong is #1? Really? I bought him about 4 years ago but wasnt keen so just threw all the pirates in a box…

The Green Knight has always been one of my favourite figs, theres so many though that its soooo hard to choose


The hellcannon !!!


Know they just have to put Astragoth in number one.

Il put the kislev kossars in the list. I dont see a miniature with more character


Is there a list anywhere of all of these? I don’t to have to keep checking the site and I know it was leaked a few days ago.

Ghrask Dragh:

The Hellcannon is in there, now I have a bit of hope they will have a decent list!!

(I’m following this if no-one else is, so if someone does have the list could they post a link instead of posting it straight here, :cheers)


I’m following it too as I didnt see the list when it was leaked.

The Raven:



just look at the model taking 3rd place!

YES! In your face Games Workshop, the world loves our hats AND our race!

happy dance

Kera foehunter:

this suxs no pirates, no slayers but the elves made it 4 times.

this is a rip off * kera break out her whip and start whipping her slaves


It seems to indicate that they are going to cast these again :hat woohoo for the CD lord and i might even get a hellcannon :hashut

Hashut’s Blessing:

#25 Crom the Conquerer

#24 Deathmaster Sniktch

#23 The Lord of Change, greater Daemon of Tzeentch

#22 Hrothogg, Ogre Captain

#21 Famous familiars

#20 The Giant (Marauder Giant)

#19 Dark Elf Executioners

#18 Hellcannon (a nod to us, surely?)

#17 Wood Elf Spellsinger

#16 Tyrion, defender of Ulthuan

#15 Slann mage-Priest

#14 Halfling Hot Pot

#13 Young Dragon

#12 The Emperor, Karl Franz

#11 High Elf Dragon Prince on Dragon

#10 Skasnik and Gnobbla

#09 Chaos Dragon Ogre Shaggoth

#08 Valten, Exalted of Sigmar

#07 Dwarf Lord

#06 Heinreich von Kemmler

#05 Wood Elf Lord with Great Weapon

#04 The Green Knight

#03 CHAOS DWARF LORD (A bowroque to us?)

#02 Be’lakor, the Dark Master

#01 Not yet revealed…

I do like the Chaos Dwarf Lord model, but if I use the back banner poles, I may not add banners. i think it may detract from my model too much. I do, honestly, hope that they cast him again because I would very much like to buy one.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

just look at the model taking 3rd place!

YES! In your face Games Workshop, the world loves our hats AND our race!
Some Northern European staff members voted multiply and thereby pushed up the Big Hat :)
I'm going for either the Hotpot or Dwarf Lord ...

Lord Archaon:

It;s time to vote for the Big Hats :wink: