[Archive] 2500-3000 pts ThommyH list


Hey guys,

So I’ve only played a single game with ThommyH’s list so far, but when I return home to Denmark from the US next week I will soon be getting at least another couple games in. I wrote up a list today because I was waiting for my girlfriend to finish her class.

It is basically based on what I have in my collection and what I like. I will play against my friend, who is a very experienced and very skilled Wood Elf general. I can’t tell you exactly what he will bring, but there will at least be a unit of six Treekin, most likely a Treeman, and a unit of Wild Riders. As for characters, at least a lvl 4 Life, a BSB and most likely a fighty Hero/Lord.

I would appreciate it if you would suggest tweaks and fine tunings to the list, as well as offer tactical advice and such. My list will likely not change a whole lot since I will be using the models I have at my disposal, but I would still very, very much like to hear what you have to say!

The list:

Sorcerer Lord - 525 pts

+ Lvl 4, Lore of Hashut

+ Talisman of Preservation, Power Stone, Healing Potion

Greater Daemonic Mount

+ Winged Taurus

+ Colossal

+ Unnatural Resilience

+ Ironclad

+ Smog
Everybody likes magic and everybody likes big monsters. I am planning for this guy to fly around just outside lines of sight and zap stuff. I hoped I could fit in the Construct’s Breat weapon but as I see it there’s just no way. I tried to make the mount as protective of my lvl 4 as possible. He should be able to suck up a good amount of arrowfire with his setup, as should his Mount.
Rykharth the Unbreakable - 135 pts
To go with my Immortals. Enough said, I hope!
Chaos Dwarf Despot - 140 pts


+ Sword of +2A, Enchanted Shield
Survivable and killy while providing a BSB reroll. I opted to go for items instead of a banner since the units I’ve selected can all have banners themselves…
30 Chaos Dwarf Warriors - 425 pts

+ Great weapons, shields

+ Full command group

+ War Banner
They’re basically here to break Steadfast. Five wide, six deep. Hopefully I can get a flank charge off, but I will get by without it.
20 Chaos Dwarf Stormcallers - 300

+ Sappara, shields
I’m thinking six or seven wide. They’ll basically run out there and get at least one shot off, then sell their lives in close combat or some such.
30 Immortals - 490 pts

+ Full command

+ Banner of Eternal Flame
My awesome, Unbreakable mainstay. They’re supposed to take on anything in close combat and ask for more (receiving the charge, of course).
2x Mortal Engine - 85/170 pts

- Artillery

- Reroll Scatter Dice upgrade
These two machines are there to cause a little havoc. Hopefully I can take out a couple of Wildriders, some Archers, Dryads or even a Treekin. I don’t expect too much, but they’re definitely nice to have.
6 Bull Centaurs - 315 pts

+ Full command

+ Standard of Discipline

+ Great weapons
They are basically here because I love them. I will use them to either engange his cavalry in a hurry, or ride out on one of the flanks and steamroll his multiple small Archer units. Any Archer unit trampled flat is an Archer unit that isn’t shooting at my war machine crew or Sorcerer Lord.

Total: 2.500 pts on the nose
For 3.000 pts I would do this:
Bull Centaur Elder - 134 pts

+ Crown of Command

+ Golden Sigil Sword (I10)

+ Shield
He’ll (obviously) join the Bull Centaurs, forming a much more powerful unit that is now able to take on much more varied threats. And because Bull Centaurs are awesome.
Daemonic Engine - 365 pts

+ Daemonic Barrage

+ Diabolic Sentience

+ Doomfire

+ Ironclad

+ Unnatural Resilience

+ Daemonsmith

+ 1 extra Crewman

+ Unnatural Resilience
It’s very expensive, I know… It provides one very accurate, safe Stone Thrower that re-rolls to wound. Any Elf unit hit by this bad boy should be torn apart…

Total: 499 pts

Grand total: 2.599 pts
What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!