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I am Going into my first set of WHFB tournaments this year and am having to deal with a lot of hate against the Chaos Dwarves - a combination of people taklng advantage of it last year and a lot of 3rd hand information from naysayers who seem to be the majority  :(

So I have committed to make a competitive army that still gets a fair comp score. The below army is ~11.5/20 on the Swedish Comp System so it sits smack bang in the middle as a balanced army.

I am really hoping to change some opinions out there on the AUS tournament scene that the CD are ok and like any army, it takes people to abuse a list, and that the list should not be seen in itself broken.

While I have had some successes with it (2-1-0) vs Orcs, I was looking for some ideas to tweak it.

My own restrictions:
- No Destroyer
- No Hellcannon
- No Multiple Magma Cannons


So here is what I have been playing with:

1 Sorcerer-Prophet
     General; Lore of Hashut; Magic Level 4; Darkforged Weapon; Blackshard Armour, Earthing Rod, Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield

1 Daemonsmith Sorcerer
     Lore of Fire; Magic Level 1; Ensorcelled Hand Weapons; Blackshard Armour, Dispel Scroll

1 Dark Castellan
     Blackshard Armour; Shield; Battle Standard, Talisman of Endurance, Dragonhelm

1 Bull Centaur Taur’ruk
     Blackshard Armour, Sword of Might, Dawn Stone, Ironcurse Icon

1 Hobgoblin Khan
     Spear; Throwing Knives; Light Armour; Shield, Giant Wolf

25 Chaos Dwarf Inferal Guard
     Blackshard Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
  1 Deathmask, Pistol; Blackshard Armour

39 Hobgoblin Cutthroats
     Throwing Knives; Light Armour

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats
     Bow; Throwing Knives; Light Armour

3 Bull Centaurs Renders
     Great Weapons; Heavy Armour; Standard, Gleaming Pendant

6 K’daai Fireborn

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders
     Spear; Light Armour; Standard
     5 Giant Wolf

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders
     Spear; Light Armour; Standard
     5 Giant Wolf

1 Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher
     3 Chaos Dwarf Crew

1 Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher
     3 Chaos Dwarf Crew

Models in Army: 103
Total Army Cost: 2399.0

Some ideas I have been considering:

- drop Deathshrieker and a K’daii to get a Magma Cannon
- Get a banner or two on the Hobgobs to build more Fortitude
- somehow get a ward save on the Taur’ruk
- Switch Lore of Fire to Lore of Metal

So, any thoughts for this WHFB tournament noob?


As someone else who’s trying to play a toned down and more fighting Chaos dwarfs, i can empathize.

if you drop the K’daai, what unit is your hammer?

At that point all you have left is the Taruk and smallish unit of IG.

Check out my list and see my problems.

Mostly that II didn’t have enough punch.

Yes, 2 magma cannons could do it, but then I’d be that guy.


I will look for your force

As for kdaii, i was only talking about dropping 1 model not the unit. :wink:



my mistake.

i instantly assumed you meant ‘the destroyer’.

but you’re not taking that anyway