[Archive] 2500 Army - New to Chaos Dwarf



Im new to Chaos Dwarf, ive liked the idea behind them but FW prices ment they were never achievable until now.

For the Army

Id go

Sorcerer Prophet - Level 4 (Death or Hashut) and the Chalice of Blood, Tears and no friends

Castellan - Iron Curse Icon, BsB, Shield

Demon Smith - Level 1 - Fire and Dispel Scroll

Hobgoblin Khan - Great Wolf

Hobgoblin Khan - Great Wolf

23 Infernal Guard - Great Weapons and Full Command

10 Infernal Guard - Fireglaives

10 Infernal Guard - Fireglaives

Iron Demon

Iron Demon

Magma Cannon

Magma Cannon

K’daai Destroyer

I posted this before reading other lists so i dont get influenced and change from the original plan.

As a plan my idea would be to hold the centre of my line with the GW Guard and Castellan and then anchor each end of my line with the Iron Demon and magma cannon / Fireglaives in the middle.

The Khans are my blocker units, the k’daai is my more aggressive / hammer unit.

The Combo of Level 4 and chalice should help me in the magic phase, the level 1 of fire is to get bog standard fireball and use him to hit any chaff that gets passed my lines or to general take the odd wound off things

Is this army decent, any glaring weaknesses (low model count i know but hobgoblins not counting towards core is a pain).

Thanks for reading and any comments


It seem a sound army list and playstyle to me. I’m infamously poor as a Warhammer general, but for what it counts I think you should be decently succesful with that list.


Always a good start :smiley:



I would protect my prophet with talisman of prev 4+ ward! He is to expensive not have it. And I like the mask on my BSB. I don’t think you need both the chalice and the dispel scroll, but that’s my opinion.

I also would consider to drop one ID and get some more body’s on there


I like the dual train / magma cannon idea. And the ‘blast them away’ strategy is safe.

Shoot up a regiment and let the iron demon and destroyer eat them fast. Problem with shooting lists and vanilla warhammer is earning victory points.

Having the magma cannon s on the flanks won’t let them use the daemonsmith reroll. So try to keep at least the magmacannons close to the daemonsmith. You have a lot of points thay might misfire.

A couple of things I would change.

Wouldn’t spend points on both dispel scroll and chalice. I find there are more important things to use points on.

Get your general a wardsave. 4++. He is insanely expensive and you need him to deliver. And letting him blow up by miscasts sucks. I’ve also started giving him the earthing rod.

Perhaps free points by letting the smith carry the chalice.

Your BSB needs a wardsave and ability to pack a punch. He needs to be able to hold his ground in a challenge.

Be aware that the ‘blood and glory’ sceanrio will be tough. Your fortitude is low and all your points are in one unit. General annd two standars.

Billy Ocean:

I think this list will do very well against newer to intermediate players, but will struggle against top rate players. You lock up a lot of points and most of your combat punch in the destroyer and Iron demons - units that will overwhelm inexperienced players, but which good players with the right amount of chaff will know how to deal with. You do have two magma cannons in your list which will help somewhat in that regard - just make sure to target fast cav early in the game before they start dictating your movement phase. Throw fireballs at those units too if you need to.

I would drop one iron demon to get some bull centaurs who can go fast cav hunting, and can charge in to relieve the Iron Demon when it gets stuck in an unfavorable combat. Use the other points to get the right amount of protection on your prophet and BSB, as others have suggested. I wouldn’t worry too much about giving them combat punch - survivability is the key for these characters.

I’m not convinced by 10-man fireglaive units. I know some people here swear by them, but I have had very limited success. Even for shooting chaff I find them inadequate because they need 6s to hit most of the time. I’d much rather combine them into a unit of 21 with great weapons who can actually finish units off in combat, at least units that have been whittled by artillery. My favorite core is a HW+Sh unit as a bunker for the Prophet and BSB (an incredibly resilient anvil) and 21 with great weapons for punch.


I think that you’re going to be called beardy. Chalice, 2x Iron Daemons, K’daai Destroyer, 2x Magma Cannons is a lot of the nastiness. I’m perfectly ok with it, but my local meta has always been pretty competitive. I think Billy Ocean is right. This list looks likes a top-tier list with all the “cheese” you are bringing but you have some really soft, high point targets in your core. I’d drop the 2 Fireglaive units and add a big block of HW/S Infernal Guard. You may need to tie something up with your core, and I’m not sure you’ve got the equipment to do it.

If you are going to keep the Fireglaives, I recommend getting some banners for them. You will find that many tournaments use Blood and Glory-like scenarios so I would recommend at least 6 Fortitude. Currently, you sit on 4, 2 banners and the general. That makes an assassination attempt that much more likely. Your general has no save, is worth 2 Fort in B&G, and he’s your big caster.

I like the list, but like any good list it needs just a little tweaking. :slight_smile: