[Archive] 2500 Bretonnia Vs Normal Dwarves


As I waited for my CD to be playable I managed to get a game in against someone I have never played before though I know him from interweb land and his dwarves.

His list was as follows (from memory)

Anvil with heavy magic defense

BSB with Rerollable 1+

20 Thunderers

40ish Crossbows with GWs

40 Hammerers

3 Cannons

1 Super Grudge Thrower

2 Organ Guns

You know my Bretonnian list by now, but if you dont

Heroic Killing Blow Lord

Lvl 4 Heavens

Lvl 2 Beasts

BSB 1+ reroll

1+ Reroll dude

Peg hero with GW and other stuff

12 Errant with Errant Banner

12 KOTR with some magic banner that never mattered

6 Errant

8 Questing Knights

10 Grail Knights

So the mission we rolled was blood and glory but it never really mattered.

Magic I got

Deployment looked like this (from my side of the table)

I pray (Greatest move I made this game was praying)

Dwarves 1

Nothing moves

No magic

Shooting sees him sprinkle fire but nothing major

During his shooting his organ gun on my right misfires and gets sent home

Bretonnian 1

I, like the brilliant general I am shove everything forward, making sure to be in my charge range and well out of his.

In my magic I manage to eek one spell through on the questing knights.

Dwarves 2

He does not move again

He has no magic

Shooting sees his Anvil misfire and his warmachines focus on the Questing knights… When the dust settles

The unit champ stands tall, ready to avenge his fallen brothers

My Wardsave have been insane all his shooting phases, really I must of done something real special for the lady to like me this much.

Bretonnian Turn 2

Everything charges

KOTR and Big Errant goes into the thunderers

Little Errant into the other organ gun

Lone Questing Knight into the cannon

Peg hero into another cannon

Grail Knights into X-Bows

Magic I get nothing off.

Combat sees my grails take a beating, but I will let the pictures speak for themselves

As you see the KOTR overran into the hammerers behind the thunderers but the Errants fell short 1".

Dwarves 3

He shoots a little but if memory serves nothing really happens

In combat his X-Bows bring down a Grail Knight, my Peg finishes his cannon and my Questing Knight boss-modes the last two cannon crew and reforms.

Also my KOTR beat the Hammerers but they are stubborn reroll and stick.

Bretonnian 3

Everything I have charges again.

Little Errant into the Gruge Thrower, Lone Questing Knight into cannon and Peg Hero into the flank of the Hammerers.

Big Errant also slam into the Hammerers

Magic nothing happens (I forget about it)

Combat sees the Grailknights loose but stick around and me crush the last of the hammerers.

We call it at this point so we can get a second game in.