[Archive] 2500 Combat 8.0 "gunline"


Hi there,

I’m new to CD and have just been able to aquire an army of CD. I will most likely play my first match this week. I’m playing in a very competitive environment that uses combat 8.0 and other restrictions.

To make things easier, I’ll post the CD restrictions here:

Combat 8.0 (in a nutshell): CD get 4 choices out of: Iron Demon, first S5-template, 2nd S5-template (counts for 2 choices), Taur’ruk, K’daai Destroyer (counts for 2 choices), Bale.

However, you can only field 3 template weapons in total!

Max. 80 shooters. hellcannon, Mortar and magma cannon count as 15 shooters.

NO CHALICE. Iron Demon, Destroyer and hellcannon are each 0-1 choices.

So: here’s my “gunline” list.

- Prophet, lvl4, general, death, scroll, talisman of preservation, 2x null talsiman

Death is nowadays one of the strongest choices in magic. He’ll have a 2++ vs magic and will render his bunker with a 5++ magic protection. Along with the 5++ vs fire, the dwarven bunker will be very save vs death sniping, metal, fire and some other spells. It’s a very defensive build.

- Castellan, BSB, Mask, GW, Ironcurse Icon

Another ward for the unit. He’ll be equally save to enemy magic sniping and will allow for the unit to be fielded in 2 or 3 ranks only.

- Deamonsmith, fire, tome

The “Safety”. He’ll sit the cannons and provide some chaff removal. I could also change to metal for some tools against high AS, however, I want to cast a lot of Death and metal needs many PD on a lvl1/2

-Khan on wolve, LA, Shielld, Spear

The redirector/warmachine hunter or sorc sniper.

- Taur’ruk, dragonhelm, dawnstone, OTS, GW, BSA

The Killer. Prime Ninja. Chuck Norris. The only fear is that he’ll die prior to striking to a character that has high strength and thus negates his meagre 1+/1+ AS.


- 25 Infernal Guards, Full command, GW, Banner of +1 LD

Hammer, bunker, anvil. 3+ AS vs shooting and 4+ in CC.

- 20 HOGOS, bows, musician

chaff removal and redirector

- 20 HOGOS, bows, shields, champion

“chuck norris squad”. Chaff removal or blockers. Champion can take a hefty challenge to ensure steadfast. Shields for the 6++ parry.

- Dreadquake Mortar, Ogre

- hellcannon

The chain.

- 8 Bulls, GW, full command

The hammer

The idea of the army is to make the opponent come to me, due to my heavy ranged game (death+cannons+chaff removal). Both the IG and the Bulls strike very hard. Thus, I think I have a nice combination of anvil, hammer and chain.

One option could be to drop one of the big cannons, get a magma cannon and try to find the points for a shrieker. Do you think this is actually better?

Do you think this list will be able to compete?

I still have 10 points left to get some magic items or pistols. Maybe on the Deamonsmith since he’s a bit unprotected?