[Archive] 2500 Escalation League


Hi guys,

I’m joining an escalation league in the new year. We’ll be starting at 500 and adding 250 along the way. Seeing as how we’re building up to something, I thought i’d start at the end list rather than swap things out along the way. I think this is fluffier, as my army will essentially follow the rise of a lone daemonsmith and his small force as he seeks to attain exalted status with Hashut and claim his place as a great prophet of the true god.

With that in mind, this is what I’ve brainstormed so far. Please don’t hold back. While this is supposed to be fun and fluffy, I also want to be competitive and rank highly at the year’s end. So without further ado, my list.


Sorceror Prophet, Lvl 4, Lore of Hashut, Chalice, Talisman of Preservation


Daemonsmith, Lvl 2, Lore of Death, Dispell Scroll

Infernal Castellan, BSB, Mask

Infernal Castellan, Giant Blade, Enchanted Shield


Infernal Guard, GW, FC, Banner of Swiftness x24 (Giant Blade Castellan here)

Infernal Guard, Blunderbuss, FC x25 (SP and BSB here)


Magma Cannon

Dreadquake Mortar

Rare: K’daai Destroyer

I’ve thought about finding some room for a Deathshrieker and 3 Bull Centaurs, possibly by dropping the Destroyer, but I’m not sure that i want that. The way I see it, I’ll force the enemy to come to me while using the Destroyer as a wrecking ball. I’ll let the two blocks defend the flanks, set my warmachines up in the center with the Daemonsmith keeping an eye on them, and then send my K’daai directly at the enemy’s center. This forces them to either scatter or risk being so broken by the time they reach my line, that it will be like a wave breaking against a cliff wall.

I want to go first for the extra war machine shots, and since I’ll mostly be castling up I’m not that worried about deployment.

I look forward to your thoughts.