[Archive] 2500 for a 8ºed. tournament (RH)


Hi, I’m tryng to make a tournament list who face several diferents armys without big weaknesses. Please do comments about and if possible give solutions to improvements.


1- CD lord: great taurus, black hammer of Hashut, tricksters helm 448pts.

1 -CD hero: armour of gazrakh, relic sword, potion of speed 130pts.

1 -CD sorcerer lv2: shadow lore, chalice of darkness 150pts.

1 -CD sorcerer lv2: fire lore, dspl scroll. 125pts.

1- Hobgobbo hero: wolf, dawn stone, shrieking blade 93pts.

19- CD warriors: GW, CCG, Heavy armour, shield 239pts.

19- CD warriors: Hw, CCG, Heavy armour, shield 201pts.

17- CD blanderbuss: Heavy armour 204pts.

7- Bull Centaurs: Heavy armour, shield, 2º Hw 147pts.

15- Hobgobbos wolf riders: CCG, Ligth armour, shield 225pts.

15- Sneaky Gits: CCG 105pts.

20- Hobgobbos: Hw, ligth armour, shield 80pts.

20- Hobgobbos: Hw, ligth armour, shield 80pts.

2- death rockets 160pts.

1- Earth shaker 110pts.

I’m thinking to put the BSB in the unit of warriors with shield, the shadow sorc. on the warriors with GW, the fire sorc. with the BB and, obviously, the Hbgb hero in the unit of wlf rdrs.

My strategy is to try use the Wlf rdrs to get close fast in one flank, with the 2 hbgb units shielding the advance of the bb in the same flank the WR attacked, meanwile the SG will crawl to this flank, behind the first wave and try to get a flank attk. If, and allways if, it works i think its time to try to roll over the enemy line at the same time te war machines and the BC hold the other side flank, with the help of the lord on G. taurus if necessary, If not he will spread havok among the back line of the enemy field.


2 death rocket and 2 bolt thrower or 1 Death rocket and 4 bolt thrower…

The sneakygis without their ability, are almost useless!

Da Crusha:

I would either remove the light armour and shield on the hg units or combine them to make a nice tar pit and utilizing the steadfast rule. I would definitely pump up the sneaky git unit. try to bring it up to 40 if you can and try to cast okkams mindrazor on it. put it in horde formation and with the general nearby you can have 41 poisoned S10 attacks. which brings me to another point you need a bigger wizard or at least another shadow wizard to pull off that trick otherwise the chances are against you even getting the mindrazor spell. you can also do this trick on the bull centaur unit with 2 hand weapons. I would give both cd units great weapons, statistically they are better at winning combat against more foes than hand weapon and shield. personally I would drop the blunderbuss, I don’t like using them in single units in 8th edition.


Thinking of using a maximum of 3 special units …

I would recommend 4 bolt thrower and a rocket death or 2 bolt

death rocket thrower and 2 … sneakygits the dying too fast!

Try to play with and without sneakygits and let me know how it went the

game …

D. Application to Crush, because you believe that the blunderbuss in the eighth edition are



Warrior units are too small imo. You want 24-30 as a standard size for non-horde units. And as mentioned, great weapons are the way to go.

I think a LV4 Sorcerer as the general, with Shadow magic is the best option, certainly better than 2 lvl 2s. He has a long range on his spells so can hang back and give his Ld to units in front. He also (usually) provides Pit of Shades for Steam Tanks. Maybe a bunker unit of Hobgoblins for him and the BSB to hide in behind the main line. I would then try and take a lvl 2 with Fire for nuking Hydras and Abominations.

Anything less than 30 in a Hobgoblin unit (including Gitz) is a waste of  time imo, they die far too quickly. Their strengths are the cheapness, play to that. 2 units of 50 naked Hobgoblins with a musician is what I’d take. In range of the general and BSB, that’s a serious roadblock. Reducing the stats of enemies they fight with Shadow magic helps a lot too.

The Wolf Riders are handy but I think 15 is too big a footprint. I’d try for 2 units of 10 instead. Run them at war machines.

Personally, I’m not amazed by BCs in 8th, but its up to you. They can fulfil a support role, just don’t send them into the front of anything.

The Taurus Lord is ok, but he’s a big target and easy VPs for some armies. He’s a high risk choice. For the same points, you could get a  unit of Black Orcs and more regular bods.

Second Earthshaker? It’d be rude not to :wink: Gives you the edge against other gunlines, potentially stopping enemy fire long enough for the wolves to get to their machines.


Tks guys!! I’ll do some changes based in your comments asp and post it for you to comment again.

good luck to all!