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Hi all, this is my first post in the forum! I played Warhammer in the 5th - 6th and 7th edition, but stopped when the 8th edition camo out.

Since I just received the FW book I want to start again… :cheers

Could you please give me some advice on a 2500 points list?


24 IG + Full command:

24 IG + Full command:

At the beginning I was thinking of playing the 2 units above with only 20 models and adding 20 hobgoblins + music, but reading the forum everybody states that hobgoblins are useless so…

Special and Rare:

1 Hellcannon:

1 K’Daai Destroyer:

1 Magma Cannon:

1 Magma Cannon:

1 Rocket:

These are “the core” of my army and I don’t want to change/drop any!

Lords & Heroes:

This is the real difficult part of my list… I don’t want to spend too many points on magic items, but I don’t want the characters to die easily.

1 Demonsmith, magic shield that avoids the first wound:

This leaves me with 840 points to spend on: Castellan, Sorcer Prophet and Bull Centaurs.

Are 4 Bull Centaurs enough? I’d like to play 6 or 5 + BC hero, but it’s impossible point wise…

4 Bull Centaurs + great weapons + shields + Full Command + banner of + 1 discipline:

1 Sorcer Prophet + enchanted shield + crown of command + reroll first misscast spell + 5+ ward save:

1 Castellan + BSB + helm of the furnace + shield + great weapon:

total: 2497

I still think I invested too many points in enchanted items for characters…

Do you suggest to leave them more “naked” and add 2 bull centaurs?

What’s the best BC setting (front 2x2 or a bigger unit of 3x2)?



Is my first draft list already perfect since the post received no replies?

Btw when I have time I’ll post pics of my army…


It looks similar to mine, but I haven’t played with it at all yet so I can’t say how good it is.

richard barby:

try and find room for some hobgoblins im telling you now there not rubbish

a few lists are running karn heros on wolfs including myself, you are going to need them to redirect for you. or to be feed to the death stars that are harder than your IG units

things like knight busses ,chosen, horde size black orcs, orge kingdoms bull and iron gut units your guard wont beat them 1 on 1 so keep them out the way with the wolf rider heros

Digital Ruin:

You can gain a lot of info on the use of hobgoblins in the thread below:



drop the shield from your castellan, he wont make use of it anyways, that gives you a total of 5 left over points, enough for an iron curse icon on one of your heroes. I would also try and find room for a dispel scroll if possible.