[Archive] 2500 P Indy close combat


What do you think about this (close combat) list is it playable or do we need more war engines?

Chaos Dwarf Overlord, Armor of the Furnace, Sword of Quick Death, Enchanted Shield, Gauntlets of Bazhrak (CD Warriors)

High Priest of Hashut lvl 4, Shadow, Dispel Scroll, Helm of Azgorh, Arcane Apparatus (Annihilators or Hobgoblins)

BSB, Great Weapon, Scale Mail of Gazrakh, Luck Stone (Obsidian)

30  x CD Warriors, FC, GW (5 x 6)
20 x Annihilators,FC, Shield, Chaos Armor (3+ armor and 6+ save)
40 x Hobgoblins, Standard + Musician (5 x 8)
5 x Hobgoblin Wolf Riders, Bows, Spears

18 x Obsidian Guard, GW, FC, Flaming Banner (6 x 3)

Chaos Hellcannon
3 x Inferno Golems

2500 P



not bad, but i think that the chariots in the 8th edition aren’t strong, so i’ll remove the 2 daemoneater and i’ll put other 3 inferno golems (use only one unit of 6 golem) and with the rest of the point, i’ll put 2 chukka.

the chaos hellcannon is very strong, but i think that 2 heartshaker are better…


Funny… I thought chariots had gotten better! No longer insta-dead from S7+, they now make fantastic support hammers to infantry blocks. I’m not sure about this particular chariot, but if it’s on par with something like, oh, a boar chariot, I’d keep them around.

My main concern with this list is it’s infantry blocks. I’d like to see another block of warriors in there on a close combat list!

EDIT: Oh, and the combat lord is illegal! Two magic armors is a no-no! Also not sure about this, but are high priests allowed armor? Not sure if they are given armor in the Indy GT list… Either way, make sure you only have one of each type of item. Any doubled up spots are illegal.

richard barby:

mage can have armour of the furnace as it chaos armour and he comes in chaos armour as standard in my mind its just a better verision of it

with the mage to help keep him alive stick him in the warriors and along with the bsb and general

if the units 5 wide 6 deep you can form up 1bsb 2 standard 3 muso 4champion 5 general . leaving you mage in the second rank but still able the cast as he has true line of sight so can see over the shoulders of the troops in front and cant get hurt in combat as hes not in the front rank but can attack with his 1 s 4 attack


Cool looking list , have you had a chance to play with it yet in a game ?


@all thanks for your advice

have you had a chance to play with it yet in a game ?
no not yet, but i will try it in my next games, after my Conversion works

- Inferno Golems
they now make fantastic support hammers to infantry blocks
that just my thougts… i hope so. D6+2 impact hits, and in close combat D3+2 “sounds” good to me.
but i think that 2 heartshaker are better…
will they fire with a strenght of 4 (8) Indy GT or as in the rulebook strenght 3(9)?

6 Inferno Golems will cost 390 p, and with the face and the construct weapon 470 p. a lot of points for 1 unit?!

Perhaps i will change the chaos lord

Chaos Dwarf Overlord, Sword of Swiftness, Gauntlets of Bazhrak, Talisman of Pres, Enchanted Shield (2+ armor, 4+ ward, str. 5)