[Archive] 2500 points of CD using Warriors of Chaos


Hi all, as I said before, I’m using the WoC rules in order to play with my little chaotic dwarves because I think with this book is possible to make an army with a certain resemblance to CD.

Because I use the book in spanish, I’m sure something will not be properly written, sorry…

And here it is:

Chaos Lord on horse   326

runic shield and ethereal sword

this character will represent a bull centaur lord with some good runic weapons :stuck_out_tongue:

Chaos champion with shield   240

banner of the gods

this will be a CD hero with a banner made in Zharr-Nagrrund

2 lvl 2 sorecerers with 1 dispel scroll each   290

a pair of CD sorcerers

15 chaos warriors with shields and comand group   295

battle banner

15 chaos warriors with shields and comand group   270

they will represent the CD warriors

30 marauders with shields and light armour   200

the hobgoblins, a big unit of cheap people :stuck_out_tongue:

6 marauder horsemen with light armour,spear and “boss”    102

6 marauder horsemen with light armour,spear and “boss”    102

hobgoblins on wolves, love them

2 chaos chariots   240

love the new skullcracker of FW, and I need 2 of them :cheers

5 chaos knights with champion   220

I will use the bull centaurs to represent these people

hellcannon   205

total: 2490

The idea here is not to have a killer army, but to have something that will represent properly the idea of a CD army.

Even thought, I will accept all kind of comments about how to make it more “dwarvish”.

thank you :hat off

Da Crusha:

sounds prett good, If you ever decide to use trolls or ogres you should convert some inferno golems. or if you use dragon ogres some big bull centaurs would look good (maybe converted from chaos steeds).

The idea of using chaos dwarfs as warriors of chaos has been discussed a number of times already. Im sure if you find that thread it would be useful for you.


How do you plan to field your units, so how many ranks and how many models will be in a rank ?


War Shrine? You could do a petrified Sorcerer on a carriage pulled by a BC or a Taurus or some Blorcs! Or something steam-powered!

And a Chaos Giant as a Kollossus? He is good for representing the Skullcracker as well imo, due to the random attacks :cheers


yeah, there are lots of ideas to represent the warriors of chaos units using our dark dwarves :wink: but at the moment i’m going to use the most common ones, and in the future I’ll be converting to increase the collection :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you plan to field your units, so how many ranks and how many models will be in a rank ?
well, I still have to read the rulebook, but I think the CD will go in 3 ranks of 5 each. the greenskins… don’t know, 5 ranks of 6, maybe :stuck_out_tongue:


I would go for 3 ranks of 6, so you can maximize your damage out put with the warriors. As for the greenskin, I’ve seen a marauder horde, it was pretty effective. And like Baggronor said, you need warshrines. You can also make immortals to use as chosen.


hmmm, the shrine is something I would like to use… and also to have the 18 chaos dwarves for each unit… but what to get out? the chaos champion?

and a question… when you use the shrine on a unit, all the unit benefit of the efect, or only the champion?


The entire unit, It might be a good idea to drop the unit champions, as you pay an a lot for just an attack extra, for that attack you can almost buy an extra warrior.

Glimpse the Void:

If yo uare looking for list advice, I would suggest perhaps going with a sorceror lord at lvl 3 or 4 as opposed to the two hero level casters.  Magic defense is crucial, and chaos magic is devastating.  What lore will you use?  Have had great success with shadow and death.

Also, I think your chaos warriors could use marks.  Tzeetch and or the mark of khorne go a long way for their cost.  I also worry that your units small.  They will be susceptible to shooting and magic.  I believe chaos warriors to be the single best infantry choice in this game and recommended you take more of them.

Oh, and I second the call for the Maruader horde. They are one of my best unit. Nothing does more for less. I have 40 with great weapons and the Mark of Khorne for 250 points. They hurt stuff.