[Archive] 2500 Pt Monster List


Ok, so just got the book, been reading through all the fluff… and I have to say that I am loving some of the new units that have been brought out…

Not everything works with how I had originally planned out my army, but that can be changed… so no problems there…

For a list though, and one that is a bit on the weird side, I decided to look at how many big items I could put into the list…

List runs as such…

Sorceror Prohpet, Biting blade, Enchanted shield, Talisman of Preservation

Castellen BSB, Armor of Silvered Steel

2x24 Infernal Guard, HW/SH, Full Command

Deathshrieker Death Rocket

2x Iron Daemon with Cannonade

Iron Daemon with Skullcracker

K’Daai Destroyer

Comes out to 2500 points on the nose.

Not sure of the set up on the characters, but the game plan would be to roll through with the Iron Daemons as a pack… keeping them 4-5 inches apart from each other, and the K’Daai herding the enemy into their path.

Deathshrieker to deal with monsters ( single hit ) or flankers as needed, if none of those exist then to just bombard their line.

The infernal guard to do what they do best… guard… and just sit back and wait for the enemy to come at them, after hopefully being whittled down by the magic and the Deathshrieker.

Not sure which magic to take, but would like to try out the Lord of Hashut, just because we can.

I do not play againest High Elves much, and if/when I do play it is usually against O&Gs, WoC, Dark Elves, Empire or Dwarfs. The last 2 probably being the scariest due to the amount of cannons they can bring. The rest I think this list will give them something to be scared about, especially the O&G and DEs.

Comments? Thoughts? Changes or thoughts on how it will die horribly or win spectacularly??


i say go for it - as far as i see it, you will either win or lose spectacularly, but at least you will have a lot of fun doing so! otoh, your opponent probably not so much, since having to face effectively 3 t7 creations is quite tough at 2500 points.


@Grisnik: The Sorceror Prophet already has a magical hand weapon (Dark Forged Weapon). It is unclear wheter one magical weapon can be used instead of the other. Also, if you’re swapping it for something, you could do a lot better than the -1 Armour save, considering that what you’re giving up.

Also the Castellan already has the Blackshard armour, which puts him at a 4+ armour save. You’re paying a 45pt item to go to 2+, which you can easily get with a Dragonhelm & a common shield. If you don’t want a ward save on him, I’d recommend the Dawn Stone, so that you have a re-rollable 2+ Armour save.

One last thing, since you’re going for monsters, why not swap the Death shrieker for 3 Hellbound upgrades for the Iron Daemons to make them that much tougher…

Apart from that nice list & one that I would like to try :slight_smile:

Steve D:

Agree with Kram, although doesnt the Bazerak the cruel armour do the same thing for slightly less on the BSB and give him MR2? If you are going down that route, give him a GW too.


Thanks for the feedback. Updated so that the BSB has 2+ re-roll armor, and removed the weapon from the Prophet… had spare points before so just gave him something, but forgot that he had something better…


Ahaa, nice to see someone trying this :slight_smile:

Couldn’t you drop one ID and get a Bale Taurus for the lv4? The combo of Sorcerer Prophet on Taurus + Destroyer + Skullcracker(s) will kill the face off anything :hashut If you do go for the Taurus, Lore of Fire or Hashut is prob best, otherwise I’d stick with Hashut if on foot.

You could also consider just filling your core with Hobgoblins with bows and then the Castellan is less of a need - but that won’t look as good. A couple of Khans on wolves could help remove pesky redirectors for your big hitters too.


Interesting idea… might look into that also then…

Was thinking 3 IDs just for pure mental fear of the opponent… having 3 lumbering beasts with T7 crossing the table would be a sight to see also… like grand central station coming to your battle line…

But switching one up for a Bale Taurus is possible also I guess… can look and see that as another option to be done…

Thanks for the idea…


If you do go for the Taurus, Lore of Fire or Hashut is prob best, otherwise I'd stick with Hashut if on foot.

Holy Hashut!!! Baggronor you're a genius!!!! I've just realized that if you cast spells 1 & 2 on the Sorceror prophet/Taurus, the latter is healed as per wording of the spell!!!


Right now I’m debating getting an Iron Daemon… I hope you will do well with them! Also, I agree you should trade one (ordinary) Iron Daemon for a Bale Taurus. That thing is mean.


Holy Hashut!!! Baggronor you're a genius!!!! I've just realized that if you cast spells 1 & 2 on the Sorceror prophet/Taurus, the latter is healed as per wording of the spell!!!

And Flaming Sword of Ruin is very nice on the combat stats too. With +1 to wound, the Taurus can auto-kill most infantry. Its win. I'm so gonna make one.


Let me know how it goes.

Love the list.

Iron Daemon assault!!

Effectively 4 toughness 7 things to kill with the Destroyer. I think you can have some massive success with this. If you can get the Destroyer in with just 1 skullcracker charge it should decimate any infantry regiment