[Archive] 2500 pts stompy dwarves


While i take game time out to get my models painted, thinking of a few different lists. How about this for stompy dwarves?

Lord 16%
S-P, level 4, enchanted shield, talisman of preservation, chalice of blood (400)

Hero 11%
Castellan BSB, great weapon, Talisman of endurance, charmed shield (170)
Wolf Khan, light armour, shield spear (60)
Wolf Khan, light armour, shield spear (60)

Core 25%
Infernal Guard x30, FC, hand weapon/shield, banner of ‘swiftness’ (407)
Hobgobs x45, FC, hand weapon/shield (224.5)

Special 34%
Fireborn x6 (330)
Fireborn x6 (330)
Bull centaurs x3, FC, great weapons, shields (190)

Rare 13%
Destroyer (325)


With out sounding like an overly mean person, this list will not work.

1 Give some one a scroll, while the chalice is good it will not save you from a spell when it comes time.

2 Your bsb has neither defense not offense gear, he needs proper gear either one way or another.

3 khans are good but given how your thinking go 3 or 4 (you will need all the re directer trash you can muster.

4 Give the guard blunderbusses so they can make some one pay for charging you.

5 I remain in my stance that hobgobs are a horrid choice, thats me but I have yet to see other wise.

6 Fireborn will work great until they hit a true fighting block or some one whos got fire protection.

7 Bulls with great weapons, too killable and only 2 attacks each, invest those points into soe arty. I still think the only viable way to run bulls is with musician and only 3 strong with shields to go kill harassing trash.

8 Can never go wrong with a Ka`dai, but hes going to need a battle buddy, ie something big and that is hard to hurt like him. I suggest an iron demon.

I understand where your going with this list truly I do, but you need some arty. If your stuck to no guns then toss in more trash and take out alot of stuff and add a 36 or so block of IronSworn. Those guys with Ap banner are nasty lil butchers, but there services will cost you an arm and a leg.


nah not wanting artillery or blunderbuss… Want to try and make something gunless that can work. Don’t have an iron daemon but I imagine they would be good tag teams with fireborn?


No guns eh? Yes the skullcracker (IronDemon upgrade has no guns at all), would go very nice with fireborn.

Alright you want zero guns, I can respect that. The list will look something like.



Big block of warriors.

2 to 4 khans on wolfs to do traffic duty.

Fireborn 8 man blocks instead of 6 (damage you will take plus burning bright test will come to haunt you).

Skullcracker (maybe 2 all depends if you can get the hang of of its very odd rules and make the most of it(no not a jibe at you it just took half the forum to figure out how the hell the damn thing moves))

Ka`dai is a must if your going sans guns.

I would for sure look into IronSworn, those bad boys cost alot but you can affoard them if you give up your entire arty allowance for more boots on deck.

Maybe just maybe I would take a few bricks of bulls, but again shield musician and 3 strong that’s it. For the cost they do such a pittance in offense and this will sadly make them suck as a damage dealer. Think of them as that tank you played with on wow who never did any damage but was really hard to hurt.

That is my guide line for a no guns CD list that will have a chance. Good luck with it.


It does sound decent fun for something different to do! It might need 3k however. Could throw a taurus in then.