[Archive] 2500 Swedish Comp


A couple of tourneys in our area starting to try the Swedish comp system. Thought I’d try my hand at a list for these.

Sorcerer Prophet LVL 4 on Metal, dispel scroll, ToP, ruby ring, enchanted shield

Daemonsmith LVL 2 on fire, chalice

Castellan BSB, fireglaive, obsidian amulet, Sword of AH, potion of speed

34 IG, full command, Fireglaives, razor standard

8 Fireborn, manburner

Magma Cannon


I gave the IG the razor standard for close combat. While they already get it in shooting I think a S5 AP close combat unit will make those big knight busses think twice about charging them. The range on the weapons are not the best, but they will mostly go in front of the opposing large blocks. Goal is to hit them with Glittering Robes and make the 1+ against shooting and 2+ in close combat. I’d use the Fireborn and/or destroyer to hunt warmachines along with the lvl 4. And then obviously the cannons to shoot up things. I have figured this up at a 12.1 on comp. Probably could make a few tweaks and get above 13 but I think that would put me in a good position most of the time.