[Archive] 2500 - The Hook Strategy

Groznit Goregut:

Hello All,

I did finally get the book this weekend (beautiful book) and I did get the Army Builder file, as well. So, my previous problems with getting the points correct shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ve decided on a strategy that involves a solid middle and a fast and powerful flanking force. The middle is there to take the advance and possibly advance slowly towards the enemy (but most likely not) while the fast and furious flanking force takes out support units and then slams into the flank/rear of the enemy middle while it engages my middle.

Lvl 4 Prophet (Fire) on Great Taurus w/ Charmed Shield and Talisman of Preservation.

BSB w/ Mask of the Furnance, shield, and Sword of Might.

Hobgoblin Khan on Wolf with Shield of Ptolos and spear.

24 Infernal Guard w/ musician & Banner of Slavery

2 x 50 Hobgoblins w/ bows, musician, & banner

Magma Cannon

3 Bull Centaurs w/ Great Weapon, musician, & banner

Hell Cannon

K’daai Destroyer

So, the Great Taurus, Destroyer, and Bull Centaurs move up the flank to attack anything on that end. The Khan can be used there to block, redirect, or even support. The Khan can also be used in the middle or on the empty side. The empty side will be guarded by the Hell Cannon.

The middle should be solid, especially with BSB and Banner of Slavery around. I will want to make sure the General is within range once the combats start. On GT he will have 18" Ld bubble, which should help. The Banner of Slavery should prevent the Hobgoblins from running off from a failed panic test, which is great. The shots from the bows should be enough to whittle a unit down or just harrass what is coming at me. I originally thought about going with 2 hand weapons as they will chew through a lot in combat, but I think the bows are better to distract and hit the enemy from a distance. That with the war machines can really make a difference, I think.

I know that shields are the best option for an anvil, but a 6+ ward save doesn’t happen all that often. I like the option of doing damage from a distance with the bow shots over the chance of getting the 6+ parry save. It’s the most boring option, in my mind.

The Hellcannon should cover a flank on it’s own. I’m told it can do this. The Khan can join in if needed.

The Great Taurus can be considered the weak point, but a cannon will fail to wound on a 1 or 2 due to GT special rules. If the GT is not killed outright, then the Lvl 4 Fire wizard can cast fire spells on the beast to heal him up. There are two buffs that he can cast and chances are that I will get one of them. If any chance to pick, I will definitely take the buffs as the whole point would be to heal him. I would love to get the Bale Taurus, but I just can’t find the points for it. I don’t really want to reduce the number of Hobgoblins for it. The extra wound would be immense. As for the two in combat, I think it’s a very doable thing. The Taurus is tough in combat and has Thunderstomp. The Lord is not too shabby, either, with his magic weapon and armor. He will have a great AS and Ward save. Ugh…I wish I had the points for the Bale Taurus as it would also give a Breath Weapon. That alone would make them smash so many enemy units with the 3d6 S4 hits. If I get lucky and get the breath weapon for the Prophet, too, would be crazy good.

If I got rid of 16 Hobgoblins, I could get the Bale Taurus, but that would seriously weaken the blocks. Hmmm…maybe getting rid of the Khan? That would be enough to upgrade!

People’s thoughts? Drop the Khan for the Bale Taurus? Is the idea stupid? I would love to have another unit for the Hook, but I just don’t have the points.


I know that shields are the best option for an anvil, but a 6+ ward save doesn't happen all that often. I like the option of doing damage from a distance with the bow shots over the chance of getting the 6+ parry save. It's the most boring option, in my mind.
Except I was mistaken, you can take both...

I play the bale taurus (+ death lore). If I were you, I would go for the bale : the breath is very good, and as you take the Fire lore almost to heal him, the extra wound of the bale taurus can help you.
If you hadn't taken the fire lore, I would have said Great taurus, but to optimize the lore, bale taurus.
To do so, I would remove the banner of slavery. A good item, but you can go without it. And maybe 45 hobgoblins rather 50 can make the same job.
Or the sword of might.


Liking your army a lot… so is it a left or right hook?

Anyway, the thought of the centaurs, destroyer and prophet all speeding up one side of the battlefield will be a daunting one for your opponents.

I personally think keep the Khan as he’s so fast and part of your flanking attack and try your army with the normal taurus first. I mean you’re not planning on sending him in alone anyway so I think his attacks/stomp should be sufficient. If you get the destroyer in their as well it’s all over for whatever infantry regiment they have.

If it was me, and I really wanted the Bale Taurus (i’d upgrade after playing with the normal a couple of times) i’d swap out the 16 hobgobbo’s from 1 of the blocks. Leaving you with one 50 block and another annoyance 30+ block. Are you hording them? If you horde the 50 i’d say go 5 x 7 for the 30+ block, that way they should hopefully last at least 1 round.

Let us know how it goes

Groznit Goregut:

Thanks guys! It’s good to hear that the plan has some merit. Now…I am not sure when I’m going to get a game in as I haven’t finished my Chaos Dwarfs yet. I can always proxy.

Yeah, the Bale Taurus sounds good, but I have to figure out where to get the points. I’m not keen on just dropping 16 hobs. I think the numbers are important to bulk things out.

I’m leaning on getting rid of the Khan, but I’ll have to test and think about it.

As for which side do I want to use the hook on? Depends on the situation! I should look at the terrain and think about which side I’ll prefer to put it on. Then, I start to put down my center and see if he commits one way or the other. I’ll probably have to pick too soon for some armies.


I do believe your bsb is over his points limit.