[Archive] 2500 Trying for All-Comers



Sorceror-Prophet(General, goes in Blunderbuss Unit)

Level 4 Upgrade

Enchanted Shield

Talisman of Preservation

Lore of Hashut


Infernal Castellan(Goes in GW IG unit)

Great Weapon

Mask of the Furnace


Battle Standard Bearer

Daemonsmith Sorceror(Goes with Warmachines)

Level 2 Upgrade

Charmed Shield

Dispel Scroll

Lore of Fire


23 Infernal Guard with Great Weapons

Full Command

Deathmask has Pistol

23 Infernal Guard with Blunderbusses

Full Command


3 Bull Centaur Renders

Full Command

Great Weapons

Death Shrieker Rocket Launcher

Magma Cannon


Hellcannon of Chaos

K’daai Destroyer

I know that I just posted a list recently, but this one features so many changes I thought it better to just post a new one. Sorceror’s IG unit isn’t meant to be a shooting bunker, more of an anvil with some nifty shooting tricks up its sleeve, played more like a HW/S unit than anything.

Infernal Castellan’s unit will be next to the HSBB unit to offer flanking support and a tough steel centre to the army.

BCRs are a lightweight hard-hitting flanking unit.

Hellcannon will be placed with the other warmachines to protect them from WM hunters.


Seems like a pretty well rounded list. Couple of very minor suggestions:

- BSB having a great weapon is nice, but given that he’s in a GW weilding unit, unless you want him to kick-*** in challenges, he probably doesn’t need a big axe. Shield might do him slightly better if you find that people allocate attacks against him.

- I’m guessing the pistol in the GW unit is a point filler? I’d suggest Gleaming Pennant on the Bull Centaurs instead. They’ll often be operating outside of your Ld bubble, so the re-roll is very valuable.

- The lack of Hobo-Khans for redirecting and warmachine hunting worries me a little, but I’m not sure where a good place to steal points from would be.

- I’d put the Sorc-Proph in the GW unit as well. Makes that unit a LOT of points, but having your general in a Stubborn unit is good security.

- I’ve had a lot of success putting a Hellcannon on the front lines right next to the unit I intend to drop the Sorc-Proph in. That way you get re-rolls from both characters, not just the Daemonsmith. And often opponents will underestimate a Hellcannon, either charging it to try and overrun past your lines (never works!) or ignoring it (and eating a nice angry flank charge for their troubles).


I agree about the HobKhanblins. I really wish I could squeeze some in.

I could drop the Musician and Bahaal from the BC unit and get the Standard of Discipline for them. Alternately I could drop just the Bahaal and get the Gleaming Pennant. I suspect that might be the better option.

You might be onto something with putting the Sorc-Prophet in with the GWs, but honestly that seems like just flirting with disaster. I just KNOW there’ll be an inconvenient miscast that wipes the unit out, or a well-placed Purple Sun. Too many eggs in one basket. I think with LD10 and Hold the Line! from the BSB they’ll hold. Hopefully. I’m trying the list out this week, and I’ll try it both ways.

Also, putting the Hellcannon on the frontlines is pretty darned clever. I never would have thought of that. I’ll give it a shot! Thanks!


What formation would the blunderbuss unit be in?

Glimpse the Void:

Looks fun to play. How many points for the three renders? To they hit hard enough to be worth their points? Would a Tarruk make this whole unit more effective.


What formation would the blunderbuss unit be in?

I was thinking 8x3. A good compromise between ranks in combat and shooting power. Maybe stretch it to 10x2 with 4 left and try to reform before combat.
Looks fun to play.  How many points for the three renders?  To they hit hard enough to be worth their points?  Would a Tarruk make this whole unit more effective.

Glimpse the Void
I think it's 170 for the three. And I haven't had the opportunity to try out a unit of 3 yet. 6 with full command are usually a nice little how-do-you-do. I doubt the unit will set the world on fire, but they'll do nicely as a mobile flank protector and potential K'daai shield. I'd like to toss in a Tau'ruk, but I'm pretty strapped for points. I'm sitting at exactly 2500 at the moment, so I'd have to make a SERIOUS cut to the army to get one. And I'd probably grab some HobKhans first for redirecting and being annoying.