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Hey guys,

Working to get my Beastmen finished up, but I also want my Chaos Dwarves to start blowing things up! To this end, I think my Warriors of Nurgle are going to enlist the aid of one your Daemonsmiths to start wrecking havoc. This’ll be my regular WoC with some ommissions to make room for the dwarves.

Here’s what I’m thinkin’!

Sorceror Lord

MoN, Lvl 4, Tali of Pres, Charmed Shield, Chaos Familiar

Exalted Hero

MoN, BSB, Shield, Poisonous Slime, Soul Feeder, Dragonhelm, Warrior Bane, Talisman of Endurance



Enchanted Shield

Chaos Warriors x18

MoN, Full Command, Halberd/Shield, Standard of Discipline

Chaos Warriors x18

MoN, Full Command, Halberd/Shield

Gorebeast Chariot


Iron Daemon




Whatcha think? The Daemonsmith’ll hang out with the Hellcannons to help pew pew at the enemy while the rest march up. I was originally toying with the Magma Cannon instead, but I thought the Iron Daemon would give me a ranged threat early on, and then another combat threat in the late game. Any thoughts? Is this a bit too nasty? My army has always been Nurgle so I’m not simply throwing the mark on them because its one of the powerful ones - I swear!


Is the loss of Standard of Discipline worth giving the Daemonsmith the channeling rod for two characters at 5+ channeling, instead of his extra armour and leader 9?

Time of Madness:

Is this a bit too nasty?

For a Nurgle WoC list it is not very nasty at all. Most Nurgle WoC lists have the following

- Nasty flying level 4 Daemon Prince

- Multiple Gorebeast chariots

- Multiple Chimeras

- Throw away hound units generally with vanguard

- Fetus/BSB in a block of halberd warriors (your list has this)

- Most nurgle lists seem to find away to throw in some skullcrushers as well

To be completely honest you have just added a daemonsmith and an iron daemon as the hellcannons can already be taken by WoC.

I'd focus more on just creating a WoC list at the moment and maybe doing chaos dwarfs as a stand alone army or adding a some variety of units (rather then just a wizard and a warmachine).

If you really want to make this list nasty take the following

- Daemon Prince of nurgle
- BSB/Fetus
- 22 nurgle warriors with halberds (24 strong 6 wide with bsb/fetus)
- 3 units of 5 vanguard hounds
- at least 1 maybe 2 gorebeast chariots (depending on points left)
- 2 chimeras
- 2 hellcannons

Hope this helps.
Time of Madness


Hey there,

Thanks for the response!  My goal was just to get some form of chaos dwarves on the table at the moment.  By only having to add a warmachine or two to my current list, I could get to use a little of what I have while I finish off other projects (Beastmen).  

I’ve not considered 22 warriors though.  That would certainly add some staying power to those blocks which are already pretty rough!