[Archive] 2750 Close Combat (LoA)


Had a game last weekend.

Prophet, lvl 4, wardsave, healing potion

Castellan, armour re-roll

Castellan, BSB, wardsave

34 IG, fc

34 IG, fc


Magma Cannon

5 Fireborn, ch.

5 BC, fc, +1 movement


Worked well vs. a close combat Empire army (2x50 halbardiers w/ hatred, 40 GS w/ hatred, 30 flagellants, 2 cannons, mortar, IC knights, fire immune hero on horsie, archlector, mage lvl2, assorted detachments). Artillery was gone by turn 2 but had done it’s damage. Fireborn work really well vs. low T, no armor save infantry troops. 2 stubborn blocks are good defensively, but very weak on the offense. And slow. Will test vs. orcs next week.


Let us know how it goes.

I’m assuming it was cannons that killed your war machines?


I'm assuming it was cannons that killed your war machines?

Yep. Between 4 cannon shots the two chaos dwarf war machines went away. (That was the one thing that worked for the Empire - as opposed to the flame-resistant anti-Destroyer hero - who fled in terror... .)