[Archive] 2999pt all comers tournament army


Hi all,

I made this list to be an all comers list but one that won’t see me comp’d too hard. The tournament is 6 games playing each book scenario with slight modifications (no auto-lose in blood and glory, just 1000VPs). I want enough power to put some combat hurt on soft armies and the ability to turtle out a gunline in the corner if I get a really ugly WoC or Skaven footslogger army. I rarely ever take a scroll because most opponents believe everyone has one and they don’t take enough care to read your list before the game :mad

I’d consider putting a dragonbane gem or a helm on one of the khans but I can’t think of where to take the points from (other than the bahal but he is handy for avoiding challenges…).

Here’s the list:

Sorcerer-Prophet on Lammasu 600.0 Pts

General; Lore of Hashut; Magic Level 4; Blood of Hashut;

Charmed Shield

Talisman of Preservation

Lammasu Magic Level 2; Lore of Shadow

Bull Centaur Taur’ruk 225.0 Pts

Blackshard Armour

Sword of Anti-Heroes


The Other Tricksters Shard

Daemonsmith Sorcerer 100.0 Pts

Lore of Fire; Magic Level 1; Enchanted Shield

Dark Castellan 205.0 Pts

Great Weapon; BSB;

The Mask of the Furnace

Ironcurse Icon

Hobgoblin Khan 56.0 Pts

Wolf; Light Armour; Shield

Hobgoblin Khan 54.0 Pts

Wolf; Light Armour

18 Chaos Dwarf Inferal Guard 319.0 Pts

Great Weapons; Standard; Musician

Deathmask with pistol

Banner of Swiftness

23 Chaos Dwarf Inferal Guard 310.0 Pts

Sword and board; Standard; Musician

Deathmask with pistol

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats 122.0 Pts

Bow and Shields; Standard; Musician

3 Bull Centaurs Renders 160.0 Pts

Sword and board; Standard with Gleaming Pendant


Hellbound Iron Daemon War Engine 310.0 Pts

Magma Cannon 145.0 Pts

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher 100.0 Pts

Hellcannon 210.0 Pts

6 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders 83.0 Pts

Spear; Musician

Total Army Cost: 2999.0

Comments and criticisms welcome. :hat off