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Time to get rolling on an army list! I’ve got a few things already, but now that I’m ready to start painting I thought I better figure out what else I need to get! A Destroyer is not really an option at the moment since I’m not confident in my sculpting or budget to get one, and being as I play at a GW store I can’t really use other manufacturer’s goods.

Here’s what I’ve got so far! I think its missing some bodies though. Maybe I should drop the Daemonsmith and Hellbound for some Gobbos?

2000 Points

Sorceror Prophet

Lvl 4, Talisman of Preservation


Lvl 2, Dispel Scroll

Infernal Castellan

BSB, Mask of Furnace, Shield, Biting Blade

Ironguard x25


Ironguard x25

Hailshot Blunderbuss

Dreadquake Mortar

Slave Ogre, Hellbound

Magma Cannon


Leaves me with about 76 points left if I’m not mistaken. So with that, I’m not quite sure where to go. I can add some magic banners and items here and there, but am I clearly missing something? I currently own everything except the Hailshot unit, so that will need to be purchased. My taskmaster is happy that I’m actually making progress so I can likely swing one or two more items in there.

Any thoughts would be awesome so I don’t go blow money on junk! I do also have the Warriors of Chaos so a Hellcannon may not be out of the question either. While I have two, they are both painted more Nurglesque so I would maybe need a new one.



Personally i find chaff to be invaluable so I would add a khan at the very least otherwise looks fun :smiley: If you can wiggle 2 khans in even better


Hey adolrak!,

Thanks for the response! You’re thinking solo-Khans or Khans with friends? I’m thinking maybe the daemonsmith may be a bit much for a 2k army, so maybe dropping him and possibly even Hellbound may free some points up for chaffers, ye’.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I find two chaff units to be the minimum. That applies to this army and most others as well.


I’d probably drop the Daemonsmith at 2K. That’d free up points for a pair of Khans on wolves, and then fill in the Blunderbuss unit (they really should be at least 30 for maximum pain). Also, Charmed or Enchanted Shield on the Sorc-Proph is awesome (I like Charmed, because the first hit is usually a S6 or 10 miscast)


Hey guys,

That sounds good. I think I’ll get rid of the Daemonsmith for now and try out the pair of Khans. I’m keen on using Lore of Hashut since it looks really swell but due to its range I’ll have to have the ol’ Sorceror Prophet in the front lines. Maybe I’ll throw him in with the blunderbuss unit so he’s not too close! In that case I’ll have to go 11 wide then for the fancy bonuses but it may be safer then having him in with the Ironguard?

Thanks again guys, that helps a bunch!


ya sorry I should have been more clear. Khans on wolves are your best friend!


I tend to run my Sorc-Proph and BSB in a unit of 28 IG with sword and board as a main combat block and I don’t tend to lose him. With T5, 3 wounds, a Charmed Shield, 3+ and 4++ saves, he’s pretty survivable, and the extra attacks he puts out are somewhat useful. Coupled with the fact that he’s right on your front line for casting Breath of Hatred it has been a great unit for me, being consistently underestimated by my opponents. Especially if I make a show of trying to avoid combat with them, bluffing that oh no, this is just my character bunker and core point filler. Hehehe.

Slapping him in with the Blunders isn’t a terrible idea either though. Try both, see which you like. And yes, the Lore of Hashut is very, very swell!


Thanks guys!

That helps a lot. I’m going to try to get a test game in this weekend and see how she goes.

Thanks again :smiley: