[Archive] 2k BC Lord List


This is a 2k chaos dwarf army I’ve been working on…I’ve recently converted my BC lord and managed to paint him up to a decent standard so I’d like to use him instead of a sorcerer lord…I’m 13 points over but this is just a rough draft, let me know what u think!

2k Chaos Dwarf Army:


Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur Lord @ 271 Points

-Sword of Swiftness Slaying

-Gauntlets of Bazhrakk

-Talisman of Pres (4+ Ward)

-Enchanted Shield & Heavy Armour (2+ Armour Save)

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer (Level 2) @ 125 Points

- 1 Dispel Scroll

- Lore of Shadow

Chaos Dwarf Hero (BSB) @ 124 Points

- Armour of Gazrakh, Great Weapon & Ironcurse Icon

Hobgoblin Hero on Wolf @ 81 Points

-Portion of Strength, Hand Weapon, Heavy Armor & Enchanted Shield

Total: 601 Points


24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors @ 294 Points

- Great Weapons, Shield & Heavy Armour


24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors @ 294 Points

- Great Weapons, Shield & Heavy Armour


50 Hobgoblins (Horde) @ 100 pts

- Hand weapons

10 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders @ 145 Points

- Light Armour, Shields & Hand Weapons

- Standard carrying the Radiant Flag (May re-roll first failed leadership test) @ 5 Points

Total: 838 Points


4 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers @ 120 Points

-4 Hobgoblin Crew

Total: 120 Points


2 Earthshaker Cannon @ 220 Pts

- 3 Crew with Heavy Armour

9 Bull Centaurs: @ 219 Points

Great Weapons, Shield, Heavy armour

- Standard & Champion

- Lichebone Pennant (Unit has magic resistance one) @ 15 Points

Total: 454 Points

Total: 2013 Points


Some mistakes :

2 enchanted shield…

Choose the dragon helm for the BC lord, even if you will strike only S5…

Or ensorceled shield on Hobgob hero.

No magic standard allowed on the wolf.

The radiant flag is far better on the BC, often far away from the BSB…

I prefer hobgob hero than wolf riders.

If you can, put more hobgoblins. If so, put the CD sorcerer general to keep the hobgoblin units in range of his leadership…