[Archive] 2k List for a tournament

DannyDevtio :

Greetings everyone, I’m planning on attending a tournament next month and need help with a solid 2k list.

I current have:

30 Hand weapon/ Shield dwarfs

30 FireGlaves

55-60 Hobgoblins with bows

3 Bull centaurs

2 Magma cannons

1 DS

2 Hellcannons

1 Destroyer

3 Demon smiths

1 Llamasu

1 Lord on flying bull thing

Waiting on 3 more BCs, 1 Iron Demon and 2 more Dwarf command squads.

I’m still new to fantasy, I just mainly paint right now

Any help would be great!


Hey DeVito and welcome to CDO.

I suggest you look through some old posts in this section of the forum. Lots of posts about 2000 point tournament lists. They contain advice, debate and many are fine tuned. Read those threads, copy a list or let yourself be inspired. Then post it here, I’ll be glad to offer advice then. You have all available miniatures.

Things to consider:
Are there restrictions on the tournament lists?
How do you want to play? Castle in a corner and shoot everything. Easy for beginners, effective against most armies, always the same game.
Close combat up and personal, hammer and anvil style.
Or perhaps a jack-of-all trades list.

No matter what you choose after reading: The LoA is an extremely strong list, and it’s almost impossible to make something completely bad. CDs will hold their ground against most things.

I also suggest you check out the battle report section, there are some good things to learn. MadHatter, Sam585 and myself have lots of reports with tactical discussion.

Also see the Daemonsmiths Hndbook.