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Well, this will be my first attempt at making a CD list. I don’t have the book yet (stupid having to order it from FW), so there is definitely some guesswork in a few of the costs, and I won’t go into all the magic items. Just looking to get a general idea of whether what I’m planning should work out. I’m attempting to start and finish 2K by Dec 5th for a tournament (where rock hard lists are rather discouraged), so I don’t want to wait for the book to plan everything. Anywho, here it goes:

Lords (400ish)

Sorcerer-Prophet: Lvl 4, Talisman of Preservation, other goodies?

Heroes (320ish)

Castellan: BSB, goodies

2x Hobgoblin Khan: LA, Shield, cheap magic weapon, cheap magic shield and/or fire ward if I’ve got spare points

Core (590ish)

28 IG: HW&S, Full Command, Banner of Swiftness

12 IG: Fireglaives, Mus, Std

Special (400ish)

4 Bull Centaurs: HW&S, Std, Mus

2x Deathshrieker

Rare (325)

Kadii Destroyer

I think that puts me at about 2050, so I could either drop a handful of IG, one of the BCs (plus, mus upgrade), or some kit on the characters. But at this point I’m more concerned with whether it seems like a solid base to tweak from so I can plan out purchasing and converting models.


There is one on eBay ATM in the states


I actually just lost an eBay auction on one, and the other one that’s up is already almost as expensive as ordering a new one. Thanks for the heads-up though!


But it’s In the states


Destroyers need to have a daemonsmith present if I’m not mistaaken. Not sure if a sorcerer prophet counts as that though.


Well crap. That’s good to know. Guess the guy I played against at the tournament had an illegal list…

Anyway, this rather complicates things. Suggestions on how to tweak the list to fit one in?


Don’t take my word as gospel though. I haven’t played a game as CD’s just saw in the Tamurkhan book that it says they need a daemonsmith

Thommy H:

It’s any character with the Daemonsmith rule, not the actual “Daemonsmith Sorcerer” Hero choice, so a Sorcerer Prophet is enough to unlock it.


Thanks for clarifying Thommy. :slight_smile: Good news then Noisyassassin



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