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Tasmanian State Championships 2009 Tourney Rpt

I went to the annual State championships last weekend. There were minimal restrictions this year, so it was a bit of a cheese fest, nothing like what I’ve heard of UK GTs though.

I decided to avoid the obvious cheese options (8 boltthrowers and 2 earthshakers, 10 levels of magic) on the theory that I would then not have to play those grim faced win-at-all-costs players and could just

have fun. My cunning plan worked all too well…

I got 45/50 for composition, losing the 5 points for the lord on the Taurus. I hadn’t fielded one in a tournament before so I figured that if I didn’t field it in a 2k5 tournament I never would.

My Army:


Lord: Great Taurus Black Hammer of Hashut, Armour of the Furnace, Shield,

Chaos Dwarf Hero, General; Armour of Gazrakh, Great Weapon,

Sorcerer, Dispell Scroll x 2

Sorcerer, Dispell Scroll,

Chaos Dwarf Warriors x 20; Musician, Champion, Standard, with Banner of Slavery,

Blunderbusseers x 14,

Blunderbusseers x 14,

Hobgoblin Wolf-rider + Light Armour + Shield + Bow, x 10; Musician,

Hobgoblin Wolf-riders Light Armour + Shield x 10; Musician,

Hobgoblin + Bow, x 10

Hobgoblin + Bow, x 10

Hobgoblin x 10

Hobgoblin x 10

Hobgoblin x 20

Hobgoblin x 20

Hobgoblin x 21

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower x 4

Orc Arrer Boyz x 10, Musician,

Orc + Shield x 22, Standard, Musician, Boss

Bull Centaurs + Heavy Armour, Great Weapons x 6;

Earth Shaker

I wanted to try the kamakize naked hobgoblins. Consequently, I had the biggest army there, with 55 more models than the next biggest.

Results to follow later.


Sounds like a good list to me, very heavy on the orcs and goblins for my liking but a well-rounded list all the same, looking forward to hearing how they did :slight_smile:


very heavy on the orcs and goblins for my liking

I think I agree with you on that now. :cheers

Round 1 - Vs Slaanesh Daemons
keeper of Secrets
3 units furies
3 fully kitted units of Daemonettes
pleasure seekers
My opponent won the toss and opted the side with the hill, as you would. It never got any better for me.

Deployment was a problem. Units ended up stacked, and I had 4 units squabble on turn 1, creating a traffic jam. T2 he siren songed my Great Taurus and Bull Centaurs onto 2 separate Daemonette units, the first unit, unsurprisingly, failed to wound the Lord, his 8 s6 attacks did ONE WOUND, he lost combat and got run down!!! The BC unit lost 3 models, did 1 wound in return! and ran away. Goodbye to the hammer units.

I did get a direct hit on the KoS with the earthshaker, it passed its ward save, as it did against every boltthrower. I also managed to get a flank shot on the pleasureseekers with a boltthrower; the very first model passed its wardsave!!

Blunderbussers did well.

Lesson1: Siren Song, Heralds give Daemonettes ASF. Animosity can still be a liability in 7th ed. Horde armies are unwieldy.

RESULT 17-3 against

Round 2 vs Dwarves
He had Thorek Ironbrow,
Organ gun,

Deployment and failing to stick to the plan lost me this game. Fully 50% of the board was difficult terrain and obscured line of sight, which favoured his vastly smaller army. Both deployment zones were split by the terrain, featuring a huge diamond shaped badlands in the centre of the board, and more on the flanks, leaving a 30cm wide corridor on each flank.

I thought I could neutralise his war machines with boltthrowers and earthshaker, but once the game was underway, decided to attack, which my deployment didn't favour. It was a little like WWI. The hordes poured into the bottlenecks and got mown down. The lord had his Taurus shot out from under him, but survived.

Lesson 2: Stick to the plan. Horde armies are unwieldy.

RESULT 15-5 against

Rounds 3-5 will follow


those where some nasty armies you where up against and with that much squabbling on the first turn is never good :frowning: look forward to 3-5 to see how you got on in those games


Traffic jams and deployment are always a problem with zillion of hobgoblins.

I normally prefer to field 3-4 big blocks of 25 naked hobgoblins. They are easier to deploy, leave more space on the board so you do not have 4-5 units stopped by a couple of animose ones and are more difficult to panic.


Traffic jams and deployment are always a problem with zillion of hobgoblins.
I normally prefer to field 3-4 big blocks of 25 naked hobgoblins. They are easier to deploy, leave more space on the board so you do not have 4-5 units stopped by a couple of animose ones and are more difficult to panic.

Should have asked you first!:hat off i am now a convert!


Tournament play doesn’t make for accurate recording of play. We will however, finish the job.

Round 3 vs High Elves

This was a very small army, with a relatively inexperienced general and featured NO eagles!He had 10 Dragon Princes, Lion Chariot, Tiranoc Chariot, 2 repeater bolt throwers. I don’t recall the core, but it WAS the last round of day 1. Neither of the chariots made it in. I managed to take the lion chariot down to 1 wound with the boltthrowers, he then declared a charge on the wolfriders with bows, who managed to take it out with the “stand and shoot” reaction. The throw away hobgoblin units worked well. Twice he charged them with the Dragon Princes, they fled, and he had to flee the subsequent flank charge. His main battle unit and lord were thus kept out of the game, and shot to bits by the


RESULT 18-2 for

Round 4 vs Empire

this was a fairly balanced list, it had a war altar but only one steam tank!

He managed to persuade me to stay away from his left flank by placing his hellblaster and a cannon there. This and the terrain meant that the rest of the board was even more congested. He advanced slowly ( thanks to congestion and the earthshaker) in the centre and (my) left while we sniped at each other. The hobgoblins kept running from his cavalry charges allowing the boltthrowers more target practice. They also whittled down the greatswords.The DZ infantry block managed to take a charge from the war altar and stay, thanks to a low number of impact hits. His Arch Lictor was obliged to declare a challenge and swap stats with my unit champion (lol) and took a wound. A subsequent flank charge cleaned

up his war altar. The stank, could eventually be shot at, and took a number of wounds. The bull centaurs, who had been kept in reserve precicely to deal with the stank, failed their terror test, so instead of delivering the coup d’grace, fled off the table. c’est la guerre. A unit of wolfriders got a charge onto the cannon on my right, hoping to overrun into the hellblaster. Unfortunately they failed to kill the cannon crew, who stayed and they got flanked by a unit of swords and destroyed. We only managed 2 turns of combat, finishing in turn 5.

RESULT 11-9 for