[Archive] 2k5 Vs Dork Elves


Just had the most fun game against the Dark Elves, 2k5/side. The game was pretty well won on my turn one when I got a direct hit on his Hydra with the earthshaker. He failed regeneration and I rolled a 6 for the no. of wounds! :hat off Goodbye hydra!:cheers. This alowed me to decisively dominate the left flank.

My 20 and 40 point hobgoblin units led his main battle units on a merry dance, When he finally got a charge off with a unit of 28 spear, my cd warriors trounced them and they ran. he ended up conceeding defeat.

I will say this much though. He had 2 units of shades and their shooting is phenomenal! The cauldron of blood is nasty as is the magic item that makes you miscast on any doubles. I am seriously tempted to collect our slaving rivals