[Archive] [3-5-2008] Chosen Stunties and the Social Revival


Hello all, again.

I promised to blog my attempts to paint up a Chaos Dwarf army so I thought I’d add in my efforts toward a Tomb King’s army as well…

Here are pics of my two armies ‘mostly’ assembled.  There are many conversions in the armies, and while many were done by myself, the Chosen Stunties were done by my bud.  

And the only models to see pigment…

Here’s the first taste of paint for my Tomb Kings…  The very first member’s of…

Pharaoh Khummin’ghettit’s Social Revival!  Praise be to that stoned bird statue thing over there!  We got some paint!

The Archers are just primed and washed at the moment.  The Horses are 95% complete, including basing.  I’d like to add a bit of detail to the forehead of the beasts, just like many horses do.  I’m thinking of inscribed hieroglyphs, small enough and simple enough to both fit, and be repeated.  For color, I’m thinking Orange and Teal… and trying not to make it look rubbish, lol.

I bet those archers are really anxious for me to finish their units so they can sit on those obviously uncomfortable mounts… still better than what they are sitting on, I imagine.

Also, here is a Chaos Dwarf unit Champ that I dry-brushed grey so that some of the detail could show through…

Cheers all!


Nice - I look forward to seeing the progression of both your armies. That champion’s mask is great! Could we get some more close-ups on the rest of the CD conversions?


Nice work, but this really should be two threads. This section is for Chaos Dwarf blogs, while the Tomb Kings go in the off topic showcase. Just makes everything easier to find. Pedantry over.


Get those Dawi Zharr Painted!! You have such a complete force, it’s a shame they lack colour! But, since they are assembled (more than I can say for myself) at least you can play with them! :slight_smile:


Ha! The point is of the blog is to have 250pts of each painted per month… So, they should both be 100% for the New Year '09. Chances are I’ll be quite a bit ahead of the game, as my last army took 2 months to paint 2500pts, though there were fewer models.

If the admin staff does not wish to see both armies in this blog, I can remove the Tomb Kings. I’d rather not have to update two blogs, and probably wouldn’t.



I looked for some indication that this was a Chaos Dwarf only section, and there is none. But, this is the only Blogging section I’ve seen, so until otherwise instructed, I’ll keep the Tomb Kings here. When the army is complete, I’ll post it in the appropriate area as a completed work, same as the Chosen Stunties.



Looking good man! Keep it up. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

I see you are a dipper.I like your colors on you skellies


Yup… I painted the skellies normally, but then dipped them all the same. I’ll not be dipping the Stunties, but with the Skellies so frail, I thought I’d give it a try. This is my first dipped unit.


"…and the Social Revival"

Social Revival? I’m guess I’m missing the reference here.


Nice skeletons man. If you can make skeletons look that good dipped I can only imagine what youre chaos dwarfs will look like dipped, and I think it will be good.