[Archive] 3,500 WOC+CD's - All comers list - Need feedback!


Hey All,

Been a short time lurker and have decided to add to a WOC list with some CD goodness. I’m about to do a big FW order but wanted to tune my list before committing the cash.

Ultimately i’m more of a paint/convertion guy but I do really want to be able to play people in both (where possible) competitive and fun environs with the army when done. - So it has to look awesome but also play ok too.

Love Khorne models/fluff so my WOC are themed that way. The army I have is tuned for fast hard hitting elites. Wanted to compliment this with the CD’s that hopefully make up for the WOC weaknesses and look fantastic on the table doing it.

Here’s the WOC base I have

Demon Price - MoK,chaos armour, flight, soul feeder, scaled skin, poisonous ichor, charmed shield, swrd striking = 370  

Exalted Hero - MoK, BSB, talisman of preservation, shield = 198

23 Warriors - MoK, full command, halberds, shields = 488

5 Warhounds = 30

5 Warhounds = 30

5 Warhounds = 30

6 C Knights - MoK, std, musician, ensorcelled = 290

2 Gorebeast Chariots - MoK = 280

4 Skullcrushers - musician, ensorcelled = 322

Sub Total = 2,033

Now the CD list I was playing with to add were:

Sorcerer-Prophet - Lvl 4, Blood H, Msk of Furnace, Potion healing = 420

10 Infernal Guard - GW’s, Full cmd = 188

10 Infernal Guard - GW’s, Full cmd = 188

K’daai Destroyer - 325

1 magma cannon - 145

2 Death S rockets - 200

Sub Total = 1,499

Total = 3,499

Tastics wise, im thinking the Prophet can just stay with the war machines and magic away from the rear while the destroyer destroys (takes some heat off the DP)… and the core units support the big WOC unit with side charges etc…

Hoping the army is brutal to play and look at (when done) and the CDs address the WOC shortcomings :cheers - might be one of those armies that either crushes or gets annihilated … Thoughts guys?

Alternatively I keep hearing about backlash over the K’daai Destroyer so was mulling over dropping it (also 1 DS rocket due to Rare points alloc) for a Chimera, more hounds and some chaos trolls.

Love some feedback!