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So this past weekend i went to the LCS in Toledo, so to change things up I decided to put my Dark elves away and try my new Chaos dwarves. WIth my list i was going for resilent troops while not giving a lot of points away, i was aiming to keep my drops low to ensure the +1 for deployment.



Lvl 4 Hashut


enchanted shield

lvl 4 Death

dispel scroll




40 blunderbuses , Full Command


Magma Cannon x 2

Kdaii Fireborn x8


Kdaii Destroyer x 2

1st Game Jake Hunter Daemons

This was a true test for the Chaos dwarves, with daemons always having magical weapons and a ward saves , the kdaii were going to have to be placed right and managed right, or they would lose by combat res.

1st turn

CD go 1st, Death lord snipes a khorne herald out of a block of blood letters, removing hatred. magma cannons decimate a khorne herald on a blood crusher doing 3 wounds , and then kill a nurgle herald who fails a look out sir , and does 3 wounds to him. all kdaii wait , getting ready to strike.

Daemons in anger try to declare a charge with the horde of bloodletters (35) againist the blunderbusses. dwarves decided to do a S&S , and in turn killed 30 of 35 of the deamons, with 81 shots (27xd3). fleshhounds charge a kdaii Destroyer who in turns eats them.

turn 2, blunderbuses become a twirling machine gun of death killing the rest of the bloodletters, Ash storm is placed on GUO so he wont charge the BB, the fireborn slam into the plague bearers and the other Kdaii decideds to eat the Pink horrors after death magic has sniped the Changling

Deamons are at huge set back , after the main combat unit is wiped out and magma cannons are slamming into anything not locked up. at this point it is looking grim, and we decided to call it when the last of his blocks are killed in combat with all the kdaii’s

1st game 20-0 full points

Game 2 was againist Bill Robertson and his ogres.

Having a buddy who plays Ogres quite well i knew what to expect from Ogres and what to watch out for. Bill’s list was a lil more fluffy then most I have seen but still ogres so i had to be careful


Slaughtermaster lvl 4 ogre

lvl 2 of beasts

BSB guy

8 ironguts

8 ogres


4 mournfang

5 sabredogs

8 maneaters

1st turn CHaos dwarves, i win the deployment and go 1st , i decided i needed to kill the cats to make sure the destroyers werent led around the whole game, magma and magic kill off 3 of 5 so the lil cats wont be a distraction later. the fireborn move up in front of the mournfang, giving them a long charge but close enough to make him risk it. 1st turn was uneventful but was effective at saving me later on

Ogres declare charge with mournfang and succed, luckily he rolled low for impact hits and fireborn shrug off a alotof attacks with their reroll wounds rule and 4++ ward, they in turn kill 1 and 2 more on another, i win res but he sticks around. iron guts and tyrant move closer to get a flank on fireborn as the maneaters move away from the whole fight ( i was very intrigued by this) . iron blaster fails to hurt a destroyer and his , magic was ineffective.

Turn 2 Chaos dwarves

Fireborn fail a toughness,ugh, 3 wounds, no saves,ugh 1 kdaii moves up closer to the ogre block , while the other has to charge a dog but its ok, cause the overrun is into the flank of the mournfangs. blunderbusses start to shoot up the ogre block and kill 3-4 ogres. the combo of chalice and lots of dice lets me get ash storm off on his tyrant gut block denying him the charge with that block into my kdaii destroyer. . fireborn with the destoyer make the mournfang run .

Ogres 2, frusted with the Ashstorm, gutstar prepares for the charge from the kdaii’s, ogre block decides to charge the fireborn and the maneaters run some more (hmmm), iron blaster misfires and cant fire anymore, making it a exp chariot at this point. fireborn begin to hand it to the small ogre block that has a BSB and lvl 2 of beasts, winning combat but he is stubborn, so he sticks.

CD turn 3

Make all the toughness test, so scary, Death wizard lines up the purple sun, and unleashes killing 4 . magma cannons start to fire on gut block killing a few. fireborn kill off the ogre block with bsb and line up to charge the ironblaster, ash storm is placed on the tyrant block again.

ogres turn 3

With his gutstar locked up and ogre block and mournfangs gone, the maneaters turn towards the BB. uneventful turn for the ogres.

CD turn 4.

pass all toughnes test, curious to find out about the gutstar and tyrant, Destroyer charges in with ashstorm in place as well. fireborn kill the iron blaster and the BB shoot at maneaters while a purple sun doesnt reach the maneaters it is placed in front of them so any charge means INT tests. Destoyer kills a few guts, but finds out the tyrant is a bad man with tricksters shard and a 2++ vs flaming .

ogre turn 4

Maneaters attempt to charge the BB who who S&S killing a few while he loses a few to the purple sun, the Maneaters panic away in front of the kdaii, not a good place to run to, the tyrnat loses a few more of his buddies but kills the other kdaii

Turn 5

purple sun finishes off the gutblock and the tyrant , and the lone destroyer chases down the maneaters, I ask him why he sat back for so long, he tells me they had a flaming banner and would essentially bounce off the destroyer.

Big win for the CD , max points and a good test for the Chaos dwarves. Fireborn while being expensive in points are very resilent and make up their points

Lava Lord:

That was a very nice tourny for the CD’s, congrat’s. If there is anything you might have done or will do differently, what tidpit of wisdom would that be…? Again congrats. :hat off


That was a very nice tourny for the CD's, congrat's.   If there is anything you might have done or will do differently, what tidpit of wisdom would that be..?  Again congrats. :hat off

Lava Lord
well, still have 4 more reports to write up, overall it was a large success for the Chaos dwarves. tidbits. know how to deal with your frenzy with the destroyers, Take out chaff even if it means using the magmas on harpies or using your magic on them, it will pay in the long run having the extra lvl 4 of death paid in points more than i expected it to do , people had to decide between ashstorm or snipe spells, and dont undervalue soulblight in conjuction with your kdaiis esp the fireborn. When i have time tonight or tommorow i will write the next few games


Cool report so far sounds like your blunderbusses are doing you proud as well


wow, the list is very strong, great tournament…


havent had time to do the rest of the battle reports , have 4 more to write. but to sum it up.

Game 3 vs VC ( good friend) i got rolled, lets just say that. i still havent figured out how to beat his army. super killy general, terrorgeists and etheral just pummeled me

Game 4 vs ogres ( another good friend) draw, basically his gutstar got close to my blunderbuss unit once, lost 9 guts, then he proceeded to stay the hell away from it. i killed everythign had but the gutstar and chars, and he killed all the kdaii’s, so it was a draw

Game 5 vs daemons, massacre. all the kdaii’s went nuts, the fireborn coupled with soulblight on everthing made them very durable. ashstorm on the pink horrors with heralds got shut down, while destroyers eating flamers. big win

Game 6 vs ogres (again, same guy as game 2) this was for the tourney for me, if i won big i would win. sadly the deployment was not in my favor. the ogre player played keep away and was non commital to any fight , frustrating but a smart tactic. minor victory but needed a major

Overall I went 4-1-1 , learned alot about the army i was using. a very resilent army if played right. having the 2nd lvl 4 death was amazing . it made the hashut general much more deadlier. fireborn in big units are very good, do not be scared of the toughness test. they will hold .

opponents thoughts on the CD were mixed. alot were somewhat aware of them . most knew how to handle to a destroyer to a extent, but were surprised how effective the fireborn were. Main complaints were essentially about Ashstorm and the chalice. many say ashstorm is by far the most dangerous spell out there. and the chalice is essentally a power scroll and a dispel scroll in every turn. TO who is friend already stated that it would be comped in the next tourney, lol, cant blame him


thanks for the battle reports.

do you like the blunderbusses? i’m not sure if i like them.


Thanks for the BR and summaries… I really like your list as its simple and incorporates a lot of coverage.

If you were to play the VC again, would you make changes to your army?


I love the blunderbusses, they are a deterent. esp if in large blocks like the one i have . in the list i have it was about point denial. i made opponents get into combat with units where i had the advantage.

as for the VC, it is hard for me to amke changes for a tourney just for one army type. i tried to bring a allcomers list but i knew going in that there was a chance i could play my friend. VC gives me a lot of problems and with out tailoring to deal with them, i had to just hope to do well. IF i was playing a VC opponent again, where i cold tailor. i would def change things up


i used fireglaives last game and was happy with them. the extra strength is great and your opponent is not expecting it.

i have never used blunderbusses but i will try them next game.


how did you deploy your BB’s?..in a long line of 20 in two ranks…or a block of 40?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Wait - were you using the Chalice of Blood and Darkness EVERY magic phase? Because when the text refers to being used every turn, I believe that’s ‘game turn’ and not ‘player turn’. Or to put it another way, using it six times per game it’s just an anti-Banner of Sorcery (and not as good) but yeah, if you’re trying to use it twelve times per game, that’s a very broken 50 point item.

Grimbold Blackhammer