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Well its tournament time again soon and this time its 3000 points, uncomped. Only restriction is 1 level 4 wizard… as if i could bring 2. Umm goofy rules that i hate include half points for half wounded models/units, buildings treated as impassible terrain and cant mount war machings on them. Also kinda stupid is that all 3 games will be battle line, and tournament is a pure VP based ranking.

So I have 60 gobs, 20 hw/sh IG, almost done 30 GW IG, couple character models, 6 bulls, 2 magma cannons, 10 wolf riders, and a k’dai assembled. Im pretty certain im going to want to convert up a rocket launcher before the tournament. What im hoping for are ideas on how to build up this list. Im going to be stretching for 3000 points i think but any advice would be appreciated.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Using every model you’ve got, adding in a BSB, turning one of your Centaurs into a hero, and maxing out your magic item allowance, I can only get your list to about 2,800 points. I think you need more models!


If you really want to be a dick get two destroyers =0)


I was thinking of proxying in a second destroyer since the games are boring ass battle lines.

Also I found if i ran the hw/sh as the special choice warriors like 18 of them, making the other 2 as daemonsmiths i was having trouble fitting all my toys in. I landed around 3080 with naked daemonsmiths and minimal gear on the prophet


The infernal ironsworn are not worth there points at all.


Well I came up with this.

Prophet Level 4 Metal, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Pres, Chalice 400 pts

Castellan BSB Black Hammer, Shield, Dragon Helm, Dawnstone 202 pts

Bull Centaur Taur’ruk Blackshard Armor, Ogre Blade, Charmed Shield, Ironcurse Icon

Daemonsmith lvl 1 fire

Daemonsmith lvl 1 metal

30 IG Great Weapon Full Command

17 IG HW/SH Standard/Music

60 Hobgoblins HW/SH Standard/Music

5 Bull Centaurs HW/SH Full command War Banner

2 Magma Cannon

1 Deathshrieker

1 K’daai

Hits 3k points on the nose. Seems like it will be a very boring and straight forward battle. Shoot the crap out of things while making people nervous with the K’daai. Throw goblins at anything I dont like that gets too close, metal demigryphs and Bloodcrushers etc to death and clean up whats left with IG and bulls.

I find it kinda ironic that CD’s can castle/turtle better than regular dwarves.


Why are you going to this tournament as it seems to gather everything you don’t like (rules, ranking, restrictions, scenarios, gameplay…)?
Don’t want to be rude, just wondering.


I live in a small community, there is exactly 1 other WHF player in my town, the tournament is 90 mins away where there are more players but Im lucky to get in 1 game a month. 3 games and some prizes with 12-16 different players is never a bad thing.

I guess im just grumpy cause the TO seems to hybridize 8th ed without really understanding why some rules are there I guess. Although he does give characters a look out sir roll against crap like dwellers, and i think thats something even GW is aiming for. new books arent getting unit ending spells like the base lores.

Mostly I like building balanced lists alot more than ‘punch you in the face with the meanest crap I have’ kinds. No offence taken at all.


I decided to drop the deathshrieker and second daemonsmith, take 2 khans on wolves, put the crown of command on my taur’ruk. I gave my daemonsmith a charmed shield and a scroll and flushed out my smaller IG unit. I definately like having the two khans it was huge in my test game. Tournament is on Sunday we’ll see how she goes.


I have seen parts of this before. What it is, some one who understands 8th ed but misses the 7thed VP system. So they toss in the rules for half points on half wounds half model counts, and make buildings something that no one can abuse by simply removing them. Honestly you should be able to take these changes and use them to your edge, so what if he gets 30pts a khan off you? Your war machinces should make it so your getting half points off them, and just make your guard blocks so big that getting half off them will take too long.


Good luck! Do you have full command on the bull centaurs so that less enemies will be able to attack the normal rank-and-file centaurs? Because with the champion, there are not 5 rank-and-file so no Look Out Sir roll for the Taur’ruk. I’ve been debating whether to include a unit champion in mine, and for now have left it out.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:


The TO here sent out an email reminding people to play play cheesy lists. I think whats happening is a lack of understanding of 8th. The senarios to me seem like a better comp system than swedish. Playing horde hammer? Going to have a tough time with watchtower and possibly even blood and glory. Gun lines? Tough time with the dawn attack. Monster stomping? Might auto lose blood and glory.

On a nice note it sounds like theres going to be 6-10 new players driving up for this tournament so Im excited to play some new people and all my 'meh’s about the system are out the window so it should be awesome.

Im kinda hoping to TO the next one, I was thinking of running 2300 points with a 500 point allied force from a different army. Ive seen this on youtube seems incredibly fun and lets you make some really cool combinations.

Regardless I’ll try and report back on my games on monday. Also just finishing up the paint job on my sorc prophet pics of him and the bsb should go up tonight.


If he is recommending cheesy list bring two destroyers


ah crap i meant to not play and apparently typed play play… my bad.


Well I came in third. Overall the army performed pretty much spot on how i expected it to. The khans were able to keep me from getting combo charged in key moments, two stubborn units kept my line strong, and I won all 3 games tho without claiming alot of VP’s.

My first game was against beastmen, and i made the mistake of tying up minotaurs including the once bitten doom bull up with goblins… said doom bull proceded to tear my kdaai a new one, but by the end of the game all that was on the table was the 1300 point minotaur unit, a herdstone wizard collection, and a few chaff units.

Second game was against orcs and goblins. Grimgore’s black orcs hurt, but a K’daai in the rear and some great weapon dwarves in the flank broke the unit on the last turn but i was unable to run down grimgore leaving a good chunk of VP on the table again. At this point im noticing CD are great point denial, magma cannons do wonderful work softening up units but this list just lacks the power to break units without time to set up counter charges, and in tournaments that have time limits, some games only play our 3-4 turns.

Last game was against ogres and I always feel bad bringing magma cannons against ogres. I think i killed 5 ogres turn one, 4 more turn two, and by the time combats were starting all of my opponents units were half strength or less. This game was almost a tabling and the only reason i managed to place in the top 3.

Few things I learned… the K’daai can be a huge liability. At least 2-3 times each game i looked at the board and went ‘hmm if they redirect my k’daai im screwed’ but none of my opponents did. Frenzy can be a real pain.

All in all tho its always good to get games in, and I am learning the army quickly. Our next tournament may be an allied forces type where you take 2200ish points of your primary army and add 500 points of a secondary force. The only restriction is the secondary force needs to be 25% core. I have access to all the elves, dwarves, warriors of chaos, and daemons. The two front runners for me are dark elves, using crossbows, a hydra and cauldron of blood maybe… or Daemons taking some furies, plaguebearers and a skull cannon. I’ll post a new topic tomorrow if i remember for feedback. I really like this idea of mixed armies it creates really cool combinations and possibilities.


Good luck! Do you have full command on the bull centaurs so that less enemies will be able to attack the normal rank-and-file centaurs? Because with the champion, there are not 5 rank-and-file so no Look Out Sir roll for the Taur'ruk. I've been debating whether to include a unit champion in mine, and for now have left it out.

Let us know how it goes :)

Also this came up and you only need 3 models for a look out sir for monsterous type creatures. Dont have the rule book in front of me but im 99% sure.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

That is incorrect!  Ogres from the Ogre Kingdoms only need three models because they have ‘lookout gnoblars’ but other monstrous stuff still need five models.


lol good to know. It was my ogre opponent who needed the look out sir, so that explains why. That kinda sucks, guess I need to start dropping the champion, or else using the charmed shield on the taruk :confused: