[Archive] 3000pts firm but fair Empire


I’ve got a game against a tough player who I have never beaten before, so I’ve gone for a (hopefully) decent list but without sacrificing the guiding principle of producing an army that is fun to play against. I’m expecting my opponent to use Orcs and Goblins

General of the Empire - Full Plate, Enchanted Shield, Crimson Amulet, Sword of Justice (in Halberdiers)

Wizard, Lv4 (Light), 4+ ward, dispell scroll.

ASB - Armour of 2+ armour save (in Greatswords)

Wizard - L2 (Heavens), Rod of Power

Warrior Priest, Heavy Armour, Shield, Ironcurse Icon (in Greatswords)

Warrior Priest, Heavy Armour, Gt Weapon, Barded Horse, Potion of Foolhardiness. (in Knights)

46x Halberdiers, Musician, Standard.

Detachment 20x Free Company

10x Huntsmen

30x Flaggellants

9 x Knights, Musician, Standard, Lances

30x Greatswords, Full Command, Standard of Discipline

Detachment 15x Free Company

6x Pistoliers, Musician, Champion with Repeater Pistol

2x Mortar

1x Cannon

1x Steam Tank

I’m a bit worrried about Fanatics, hence the huntsmen and I would have also liked a couple of Archer detachments to help with this. I suppose I can also use the steam tank to draw them out too.

I would also have liked an Engineer or two, another Warrior Priest for the Halberdiers, and the Crown of Command for the Warrior Priest in the Knights, but I can’t see what to drop out - maybe the detachments?

Am I better off with 1 cannon and 2 mortars or 2 cannons and 1 Mortar. I don’t think that he has got an Archanarok Spider. I would also be interested in any other suggestions that anyone has for improvement.

I know that this might be better suited to the Empire Forum, but I’m not registering over there just to post an army list, and I expect that most people here have enough experience to offer some constructive advice.

Thanks :hat off


Liking the choice of Light magic - my regular empire opponent uses it too, very handy lore. Is there a particular plan for the Heavens Lv2? I don’t have any armies that use Heavens, so don’t really know the lore well but my auto-choice is usually Shadow. Or Fire, to help remove Fanatics once they’re out.

Seeing as the Empire General is only 3 Attacks, I don’t really think its worth tarting him up with a magic weapon, when those extra points could just go on more Greatswords or a Master Engineer. He’s only there for the Ld really. Same for the Ward on the Lv4, I usually find a 5+ is enough.

2 Mortars is nice, a mortar and a Helstrom is nicer :wink: Well, maybe not for your opponent. For Cannons, I take 1 with my Dwarfs, but for Empire I’d take 2 if possible.

The Araknarok isn’t so bad, if one shows up your knights should be able to handle it.


Thanks for the comments. There is no particular reason for the Heavens mage, Iceshard Blizzard and Curse of the Midnight wind are both useful spells and I might finally have a good use for Windblast in this game, but I’m not particularly attached - I’ll have another look through the magic lores, I can see that a nice Fireball here and there would be useful.

I could drop the sword and downgrade the Level 4’s ward save, but that will only get me another 35pts. What about the detachments? These sound like the easiest things to drop, do you think that they will be of use (I would have prefered them to be Halberds too but I don’t have enough models)?


A couple of 5 man archer detachments could remove the need for the huntsmen. You’ll appreciate them when you need to run something into mangler squigs.

You could even drop the lv2 entirely, if you have more bows to kill fanatics.