[Archive] 3000pts for mega-battle


Hello all,

in a few weeks, I’ll be taking part in a big battle, 15000 pts per side.

The first ‘army’ will sport vampire counts, tomb kings, empire, skaven and dark elves. The second ‘army’, which I’ll belong to, will be 2x chaos dwarfs and 3x chaos.

We won’t use the alliance rules from the BRB, because that would put our opponents in a tight spot when it comes to Ld-checks and such. Both ‘armies’ will be using the ‘Great Host’ rules from Tamurkhan.

Anyhow, here’s my list:

lvl 4 with blood of hashut, mask ot furnace and earthing rod

lvl 1 with dispel scroll

castellan BSB with enchanted shield, tal. o preservation and ironcurse icon

tau’ruk with crown of command, potion of speed, blackshard armour and shield

20x hobbos with 2nd HW and FC

20x hobbos with 2nd HW and FC

34x IF with GW and FC



hellbound magmacannon

7x BC with shield and spear, FC and standard o discipline

k’daai destroyer

dreadquake with ogre

that leaves me with 9 points to spare… considering 2 more hobbos, or a very cheap magic weapon for the tau’ruk, so that he has magical attacks.


good luck!

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Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’ve organized a few big 8th edition games and here’s some food for thought…

Magic - what are you using for the Winds of Magic? 2D6? 10D6? I think you’ve probably got one too many mages. And who gets to dispel what? Who decides on each team? What about duplicate spells?

Duplicate items - you have a dispel scroll. Can everyone bring one? How are you going to figure out what happens when there are three Infernal Puppets on the table? If you aren’t allowing duplicate items, does everyone get the Talisman of Preservation?

Chaos Dwarves may not care when Hobgoblins break from combat but the Chaos players will. I’d try and reduce the chance of panic checks and combine those Hobbos into a big unit.

How big is your table? Is it big enough that you’re going to be cramped for room or will you be able to fill your deployment zone? And how it terrain being generated? How are you going to handle deployment? I’ve done a blind deployment and I’ve done “everyone start deploying and the side that finishes first gets +1 to go first”. Both have worked well.

I’m sure there’s more… But good luck!!

Grimbold Blackhammer