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Hey everyone, I know I don�?Tt post often. I kind of fell out of the game for a while. Anyway, during my time in collage, I took some 3D designing classes (only basic stuff) but if anyone on here is good at that kind of thing, there are places you can get your stuff printed with a 3D printer. This would make making our models more foreseeable to those who can’t sculpt. (No way I can sculpt a giant winged bull from scratch :~) It could also allow finer details as you can make it big and shrink it to size for printing. If anyone has the ability to make 3d images like that, it would be awesome.

Downside: it can be expensive, but you can just design 1 or 2 things for each model type and make molds or print models in bulk on bases, on sprews, ext.

Here�?Ts a website that will print your models and send them to you:


For those unfamiliar with 3D printing, here’s a video of the process:

- YouTube


A friend and I just purchased a 3d printer to help us with the concept work for our upcoming miniature skirmish game. We have yet to figure out all the finepoints, but you can expect some of my designs start getting cast within a few months. I have to say that 3d modelling takes about as much time as sculpting if you want to get a good detail level. You can check out my current 3d work here: www.estetix-studio.com or here: http://www.facebook.com/WatchPause?fref=ts no miniatures yet though, but I can crank out some pretty solid scenery if anyone is interested.


yeah, but for you can change things on existing 3D models and make them slightly different. and if you do them in sprews you can bassically copy/paste each part.

i remember a while back someone made casts of a converted dwarf warrior upper body to put the normal dwarf warrior parts on, if we could replicate that, it’s be perfect!


Yes, the problem is that there are almost no 3d models of existing miniatures. So you basically have to start from scratch, although I have been experimenting with using units from different PC games as a base models. Here is something i’ve been tweaking lately:


yeah i noticed that while i was looking… but once this kind of thing catches on, it’ll be alot easier ^-^

and really i’m sure i can find someone who can scan existing figures at ssome point (even if someone has to sculpt them big first)

but even with that, it opens up serious possibilities. just sculpt the models big, and shrink them on the computer before printing. that’d allow someone to put more artistic detail into it!


What program do you use for sculpting?

I had a go with autodesk (forget which specific product) to build wireframes and then move it onto mudbox.

Been quite a while since I used it because I couldn’t get the hang of building the frames that didn’t have hollowed areas etc


3d Studio Max, AutoCad, Revit, and trying out Z brush but far from being good at it. I use them all for modelling mostly buildings and furniture, but would be great if I can actually get a print of a couple models


here’s a nice video about 3d scanning with the Kenect:


And one about using 3d printers for warhammer:




Yep, need a 3d scanner now lol


I’ve been looking into using my kinect to scan. I’ve been toying with sculptris (cuz its free) and I was thinking I could scan poses in with the kinect and then build onto it however i want with sculptris. Hopefully one day I can print a mini of my own :slight_smile:



Would make some nice cd cannons.


Ok so wait, you can buy this stuff, and then edit it? That would be an easy stepping stone into modelling your own stuff. Hm…

On further inspection, maybe this is not purchasing the file, but the actual print?
Enlighten me lol


I think you’re purchasing the actual print :frowning:


If anyone would scan me some chaos dwarfs, I could easily bust out some upgrades


cant find it now but some one on here made a hell smith useing a 3d printer and sells them on his sight may b some one can put a link up on here the model is pretty good :slight_smile:


Yep, need a 3d scanner now lol

Here are a couple of tuts that shows how you can build your own:
3D scanner tuts


so i tryed to scan and print some miniatures, and it didnt want to work well… the axe my model was using snapped during shipping, and it was about half the size it was supposed to be… i need to figure out how to make this work.


you know what they say, when god gives you lemons, slay that god in the name of hashut

Pyro Stick:

cant find it now but some one on here made a hell smith useing a 3d printer and sells them on his sight may b some one can put a link up on here the model is pretty good :)

Took me a while to find it but i think this is it:


Maybe you could PM him for help if you are having trouble.