[Archive] 4-5th ed chaos shields

hat fanatic:

well since i am collecting a tall hat army many of the warriors i see on eBay have no shields. i was wondering where i could get some of the original shields. thanks.


If you want something that looks good and is quite easy to come by, then use the shields that come with the current box of Chaos Marauders. They look very well on bighats.

- Tallhat


CDs had plain shields back then, you could get hold of many of the current ordinary shields and they would be just as good.


The Size of the round shields varied over the years so it can be hard to collect older ones unless a large lot comes up on ebay at once.New versions can be used unless your going for classic look.:hat


Not sure how old you want the shields to be, but some of these would do the job:


hat fanatic:

well yeah i am going for the classic look. My friend has a bunch of marauder shields but i don’t think i like the look on 5th ed. and i’m at school right now so i can’t check the link :(.