[Archive] 4/6/09: BOGGO's painted Chaos Dwarfs w/BB


After perusing this sight for a couple of days I decided to take a shot at converting some BFSP dwarfs I had lying around. This is the first stab at it: using the green stuff is tougher than I thought, and I need more practice (I want it to be cleaner). I am going to primer these guys, and paint a couple up as test models (hopefully today). I figure starting a blog might push me to keep going with it…[attachment=1140] These will make up a unit of Chaos Dwarfs with hw/shield: I’ll have a character and full command in as well.


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



nice start,they look better then my first green stuff experiments


quite good as a start. I especially like the left guy on the first photo, nice mask there!

If you want to improve, try to be a little more patient. Keep you sculpting tool wet and smooth out the surfaces before adding the detail. Doing so you won’t have these nasty edges in the middle of a surface. Also try sculpting in layers. Its very difficult to do e.g. a helmet in only one step. Do the general shape first and add the details only as the first layer is completly dry.

When I first started sculpting I had someone telling me this and it helped me a lot… I hope it helps you, too!

looking forward to see more,

keep it comming


…jepp, keep it one step at the time. Leave it to dry and then do another.That and water or oil on the sculpting tool is the key.

Good start! :slight_smile:


Excellent mask style formed on the dwarf helm integrating the horns ,good stuff .You will be amazed how quickly you can pick up working with GS :hat off

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Love the weapons! Keep practicing with the GS as it can be hard at first. Over time you’ll have excellent GS skills.


Not too bad. The helmets show a nice look to them. An army of guys with that style of helmet would look really good.


Really nice guys!:slight_smile:

Some pleased me more than others, but I think that´s normal …:o

Altogether great beginning, I´m curious to see them painted! :cheers


Kera foehunter:

they have some great mask !! boggo great job on the green stuff



First set of Dwarfs painted in my test scheme. Now that I have an idea of what I want I’ll practice on another batch of guys (and try sculpting in layers).


One more…


I like the colour of the beards! :hat off

Really, really cool!

… I think he minis aren´t yet finished … are they??? :~


Kera foehunter:

i like the colors you chosen ,the red mask are great

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Like the look of the weapons. Colour is terrific!


I have my first few hobgoblins (WIP). I imagine them as an inbred race of goblin-kind, hence the differing shapes/sizes and irregular color.[attachment=1154]


I also bought a wolf rider regiment. This gives me my wolf rider unit plus a ton of bits to use on other Hobbos. I need to highlight these guys, base them, and do eyes/teeth shield icons…[attachment=1156]


So I’ve scrapped the original Mask Dwarf concept, and have decided on hat dwarfs (like the look + I bought 6 bull centaurs, and I want some uniformity).

Here is a guy (WIP) with nose and tusks:[attachment=1157]

The hats are made from jewelery beads. This guy will get a great axe and be a hero:[attachment=1158] I also used beads for the blunderbuss (quick and easy).[attachment=1159]

And a variety of the hats I’ll be making…

Kera foehunter:

love the wolves rider and your tall hats




Okey, im sure im going to loot your hat idea, it is very nice and easy, and there is a hobby jewelry shop near to me. It is way better than your initial mask dwarves. Cant wait to go to the shop :slight_smile: