[Archive] 4000 points Indy GT list- thoughts?


Here’s one of my attempts at putting together a large army using the Indy GT rules. As far as I can tell, it adds up correctly, but do point out if I’ve made any mistakes with the rules or calculating the cost of units- I’m pretty new to this.

As far as I can tell, this army would be pretty effective as far as firepower is concerned, and has a couple of incredibly nasty units in the form of a large mob of Obsidian Guard with additional ward saves (due to the Battle Standard Bearer) and… quite a lot of Bull Centaurs. It’s perhaps not the best when it comes to magic due to the lack of a sorcerer as a general, but I suppose it wouldn’t be too hard to swap the overlord on the Great Taurus for a sorcerer on a Lammasu if necessary. And hey, at least there’s Daemonsmiths.

Also, the Rabble are essentially to be used as a horde unit due to sheer weight of numbers. You’ll see what I mean when you scroll down.


Chaos Dwarf Overlord on Great Taurus

(w/Scale Mail of Gazrakh, Hammer of Hashut, Pendant of Uzkulak)

-465 points


Battle Standard Bearer

(w/Black Standard of Zharr-Naggrund, Chaos Armour, shield)

-167 points, goes in the unit of Obsidian Guard


(w/Dispel Scroll, Daemon Weapon, Chaos Armour, shield)

-137 points, goes in one of the units of Chaos Dwarf Warriors


(w/Hexacon of Hashut, Daemon Weapon, Chaos Armour, shield)

-132 points, goes in the other unit of Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Great Horn Bull Centaur

(w/Soul Eater, Rubric of Daemonic Whispers, Chaos Armour, shield

-152 points, goes in the unit of normal Bull Centaurs


19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

(w/hand weapons, Chaos Armour, shields, full command)

- 253 points, Daemonsmith brings numbers up to 20 in total

Eruption Gun

- 45 points

19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

(w/hand weapons, Chaos Armour, shields, full command)

- 253 points, Daemonsmith brings numbers up to 20 in total

Eruption Gun

- 45 points

15 Annihilators

(w/hand weapons, heavy armour, blunderbusses, full command)

- 205 points

15 Annihilators

(w/hand weapons, heavy armour, blunderbusses, full command)

- 205 points

15 Annihilators

(w/hand weapons, heavy armour, blunderbusses, full command)

- 205 points

40 Rabble

(with hand weapons, shields, Hobgoblin Taskmaster)

- 130 points


24 Obsidian Guard

(w/hand weapons, Chaos Armour, shields, full command, Stone Totem of Zhoghar. Unit champion also carries Biting Blade, Enchanted Shield)

- 411 points, Battle Standard Bearer brings numbers up to 25 in total

15 Bull Centaurs

(w/Great Weapons, Chaos armour, full command, Shadow Standard of Hashut)

- 445 points, Great Horn Bull Centaur brings numbers up to 16 in total

Death Rocket + 3 crew

- 90 points

Death Rocket + 3 crew

- 90 points


Earthshaker Cannon + 3 crew

- 100 points

6 Inferno Golems

(w/Conflagration Cannon, Face of Hashut)

- 470 points

Total: Exactly 4000! (apparently)

Feedback, constructive criticism and tactical discussions are all welcome.


like your list, although it would be nice having a lvl4 mage in there… also it would be worth considering raising your warrior blocks to 25 each; bcs can work in blocks 15+, but thats a whole lot of points, personally i only use them in this config against my nurgle-knights spamming opponent, and theyre surprisingly successful… but these are just some thoughts, your list will work out quite well, the only real weakness i can see is the lack of a lvl4, imo


i’d be tempted to drop an inferno golem or two, make up the number on the BC to get two reasonable units, and make more use of them tbh.

Possibly drop more to get a second Earthshaker. I think 2 is needed in a 4000pt force.

But I think it is characterful, and if you like it; stick with it! (coming from a guy who has fielded 250 militia for a laugh)


Looks alright. I personally go for slightly bigger sizes on warriors and annihilators. I find that 15-20 is often not enough to last long enough in combat to get help or hold up the enemy long enough. In a 4k points game you can expect to encounter some nasty units which will chew through 15-20 dwarves in no time.

Your 3 units of Annihilators are a bit of a gamble. I personally love them fluff-wise (nothing says Chaos Dwarf better than a Blunderbuss), but it’s hard to get them to be very effective. Sure, they’ll do major damage to a horde of goblins, but will do next to none to a unit of knights. And they only get to shoot once or twice.

Your Golems should be able to do some serious damage, and your Bull Centaurs should too, although I have no experience with them.

Not having a level 4 wizard might hurt you too, but may be okay with your dispell scroll and hexacon.

In short: Be carefull not to have too many smallish units that just fall short when facing more elite units (Hydra’s, Chosen etc). In my opinion it’s better to have a few units that you know will perform well, than having multiple units that just don’t quite cut it.

That’s my 5 cents :wink:

Also, are you aware of these updated rules?:



Thanks for the feedback. Just came up with an alternative Lord for use against more magic-heavy armies:

High Priest of Hashut

(w/Arcane Apparatus, Helm of Azgorh, Dawnstone, Chaos Armour, upgrade to level 4 wizard)

- 345 points

+1 power and dispel dice, an extra attack plus the ability to re-roll armour saves due to his magic items makes him not as strong as the Overlord, but still fairly formidable for a mage. Since this works out cheaper than the Overlord on Great Taurus, it also frees up 120 points to expand both Warrior units to 24. (25 counting the two Daemonsmiths)

As for the High Priest himself, two things could be done with him, I guess:

- Place him by himself near the back of the army and keep him out of harm’s way due to his slightly lower armour save than the rest. (Although since the Dawnstone allows for re-rolls, he still isn’t that easy to wound)

- Place him in with the Obsidian Guard and the Battle Standard Bearer. This would be visually brilliant (particularly since the Arcane Apparatus is pretty clearly meant to be an Astragoth-esque walking throne- him sitting high up in one of those looking like an ancient, cadaverous old bastard while surrounded by nigh-invincible heavily-armoured bodyguards would make for an awesome supervillain image) but leaves one Obsidian Guard stuck awkwardly at the back since 26 models don’t form ranks properly.

As for the very large Bull Centaur unit, I do realise that it might seem odd to have such a large unit of heavy cavalry, so here’s an explanation for why I put together 1 block of 15 plus the Great Horn rather than two smaller ones: It’s actually based around one small magic item the Great Horn carries. Since the Rubric of Daemonic Whispers forces the opponent to reveal all magic items in units within 12" of the bearer, I felt it’d be particularly effective to put it in the unit that does by far the most moving around. One big Bull Centaur unit is likely to go charging all over the place due to the huge amount of damage it can potentially do with its combination of large numbers, two (at least) attacks each and great weapons hitting at strength 6, and in the process it’ll most likely expose any hidden magic items that might otherwise be pulled out unexpectedly to wreck your plans.

Well, that and the fact that 16 Bull Centaurs would be intimidating as hell. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hadn’t seen the updated rules before, actually. Thanks for pointing them out- I’ll check the list against them and make adjustments if the result no longer adds up properly.


I hadn't seen the updated rules before, actually. Thanks for pointing them out- I'll check the list against them and make adjustments if the result no longer adds up properly.    

One of the biggest differences is that Deamonsmiths can no longer cast spells. That means only lord level casters.


I just read through those updated rules and modified the army list accordingly. Actually turned out to be pretty beneficial- I noticed that the slightly lower cost of Warriors and Obsidian Guard freed up quite a lot of points. After adding in the High Priest of Hashut I mentioned above in place of the Overlord and switching a few magic items around, that left me with a few hundred extra points, which led to the following new/altered units:

- Great Horn Bull Centaur now has the Shrieking Blade from the common magic items list rather than the Soul Eater. No more +1 weapon skill and killing blow, but the fact that he now causes fear may cause a whole new set of problems for anything the Bull Centaurs run into.

- Bull Centaurs now have the Standard of Swiftness, again from common magic items. No penalty to BS when firing at them now, but now they’re movement 9…

- There are now 28 Obsidian Guard, with the Battle Standard Bearer and the High Priest of Hashut making up #29 and #30.

- Both of the original Chaos Dwarf Warrior units have been expanded to 24, with the Daemonsmiths bringing them up to 25.

- And now, the big one: Previously, I had 3 small units of Annihilators. I agree with the earlier criticism that small units of blunderbuss guys would be vulnerable to large units of enemies in a 4000-point army, and freely admit that the only reason there were three of them was that I needed 5+ core units and the slave mob didn’t count. With the extra points, though, I managed to scrap one of them (which I wasn’t sure what to do with anyway) and replace it with the following rather odd unit:

25 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

(w/additional hand weapons, Chaos Armour, full command, Wailing Banner)

-350 points

Entirely new unit with two attacks each that causes Terror. I picture them as a mob of raving, bellowing Chaos Dwarf zealots ranting about cutting people up and burning them in the name of Hashut. Would probably make for interesting models, and could certainly do some damage due to having twice the usual amount of attacks. And unlike other dual-wielding maniacs like the Witch Elves and Sneaky Gitz, they still won’t die that easily one someone tries to hit them due to the 4+ save from Chaos Armour.

richard barby:

i play useing the indy list regularly 6 golums with toys are great knights can be a pain though

if your useing the updated indy lists errata choas armour on troops is great putting it on blunderbusses with shields they can work like a shooting unit and an average to good combat unit