[Archive] 40k orcs


What do u think? painted these after the realese of the new box set.

p.s have been retouched in photoshop, only for clarity, brightness and stuff.

Ghrask Dragh:

Excellent stuff, your metals are fantastic! gritty orks 'gonzo, nice work


Your painting is so perfect wish I could paint like that :open_mouth: :cheers


Well done! Bad moonz have always been my favourite ork clan:):P:)


Nice, for an inferior clan :wink:


nice! If u drill some holes in their weapons barrels, they will look even more magnificent!


im not sure if drilling holes in the guns will make such a diffrence, never tried it tho, worried about screwing it up


i’m always scared of mucking up the drilled holes to.

i find it easier to paint the ends black, and then edge them with silver.

that way it looks just as good without the risk of damage or mucking it up.


You can fix a botched drill job with greenstuff. At least as long as its only the one hole.

First use a pin to try and find the centre, then use a small drill to drill a small test hole. If that’s ok I go up to a larger drill to make the drilling.

In my experience you only need a shallow cone to give the impression of depth and shadow.

I’ve actually drilled all my Orks weapons. Though they are not painted yet.

Still wouldn’t go at a painted figure though.