[Archive] 40k Vehicle Design Rules


Does anyone have a PDF with the vehicle design rules because the AB file doesn’t say what everything does and I have some good ideas I would like to make - heck, I might even do a Sourcebook if someone can give me the rules. If you can help (or even just tell me where I would find them), PM me or reply here.



I have a giant pile of White Dwarfs at home, I believe the one with the VDR is there somewhere, if it is ill gladly send you the rules in the mail.

I’ll check at home tonight and let you know.


It would depend which edition you where talking about the rules for. I have them all, but still.


Here is link to the VDR for 3rd Edition. It might help get you started.



Try this link, it states it is for 5th edition, and it is in PDF format. http://www.starbase10.com/gilead/vdr_designs.htm