[Archive] 4500 end of year tournament


Hi bros

We have our end of year tournament next weekend so I decided to take a fun agressive list with the kadim Titan, infernal engine a decent block of Taurukh Annointed with a subjugator.


Hobgoblin Chieftain Light Lance, Shield, Wolf

Hobgoblin Chieftain Shield, Wolf

Prophet 3x Add up to 3 Learned Spells, Army General, Pyromancy, Wizard Master

Bluffer’s Helm, Sprout of Rebirth, Wand of Stability

]Taurukh Subjugator vial of Mercury

Vizier Infernal Weapon, Shield, Battle Standard BearerCharactersRending Banner


Citadel Guard Full commmand, Veteran Standard Flaming Standard

22 Hobgoblins Bow, Musician, Shield, Standard Bearer

21 Hobgoblins Bow, Champion, Shield, Standard Bearer


4 Taurukh Anointed Light Lance, Musician, Shield, Standard Bearer

Bound and Binders

Infernal Engine

Kadim Titan

Plan is pretty simple with the Titan and engine going up the grill supported by the Annointed and Magic from the general. Have not use the Titan before in 9th Age so am giving my old one a touch up paint job - photos coming soon.

Going to struggle against msu but should make for some fun games.

Any comments appreciated.